WL//WH Track/Video Of The Day: GALORE “Jackpot”

Track Of The Day  GALORE

Just last week listening to April Magazine I wondered what was going on with the Bay Area label Paisley Shirt Records and here my evocations come true through the gentle, floaty, and reflective strumming breezes infused with muted Velvet Underground’s droning frequencies, spliced with hints of 60s-tinged C86 flair, and Dunedin Sound’s ragged sheen, from the first two teasers, “Jackpot” and “New Living”, off of the upcoming 5-track EP “Blush” by San Francisco 4-piece Galore, due out, Cassette & Digital, on December 16, 2022, a co-release with UK imprint Safe Suburban Home.

Sharing the songwriting duty around all five members, made up of Ava Rosen (bass), Britta Leijonflycht (guitar), Griffin Jones (guitar) and Hannah Smith (drums), Galore already grabbed the attention of many pop aficionados with their 2020‘s debut Self-Titled album via local DIY label Rocks In Your Head Records, through their distinctive quirkily playful and shimmery, yet slightly discordant and rickety Indie-Pop.


“Jackpot” triggers steady slapping snare beats that drive jangly shimmering whirrs of swaying guitar strums, ornamented by snaking wheezing organ blows, to instill an eerie throwback surreal Barretian ditty vibes, that wigs out over soft wispy vocals, dropping dreamy angst into filmy spirals of warm longing winds.

The candid self-made video captures a fun friendship-filled day at the zoo to evoke warm feelings of nostalgia and jest.

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Check also the natural visuals by Ava Rosen for the sun-dappled melancholy of “New Living”: