WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE VIOLENT YOUTH “Ya Vlublyon / I’m In Love”

Video Of The Day The Violent Youth

The Violent Youth, the synthpop/post-punk band lead by Ausburg-based, Minsk-bred musician Arthur Tsymbal along with Moscow keyboard player Egor Ivakhnenko, are going to release their fourth and first Russian language 10-track album “Tam, Gde Nas Net”, due next Friday July, 31,

The LP has been preceded by the Music Video for the last single “Я Влюблён/Ya Vlublyon” [I´m in love], triggered by sparkling bittersweet guitar melodies that charge the energetic momentum, laced in flashing, zippy synths, peppy heart-pounding beats, and humming pulsing bassline, forward, as “I’m in Love” vocals exude sparkling ‘head over heels’ excitement into the exuberant flow.

Heartfelt lyrics express the intoxicating feeling of being in love and the magical emotions that seem to erase all the negativity from one’s mind.

The upbeat DIY video encapsulates the enchanting sentiment of love with a sunset jog through a charming mid-town setting, with residential homes lined atop brick-lined avenues, cast in beautiful rays of sun piercing through the puffy pink clouds. Camera angles, a brilliant smile, and the tone of twilight enhance the euphoric nature of the outing, as mirror ball transitions reflect the charismatic elation and bouncing step of the all-consuming moment of Amore.

The Violent Youth‘s new album “Tam Gde Nas Net” is slated for release, digitally, on Friday July, 31. Check it out!

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