WL//WH Video Premiere: BARA HARI Invokes the “Tempest”

WL//WH Video Premiere BARI HARI

Los Angeles-based Electronic Dark Pop musician, singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist Sam Franco AKA Bara Hari is joined by her partner Ian Flux for the creation of a choreographed DIY music video for the new single, “Tempest”, via Oklahoma City‘s independent label Re:Mission Entertainment, the first teaser from BARA HARI’s forthcoming full-length album, “Lesser Gods”, WL//WH is pleased to Premiere.

“Tempest” deals with intimidating lyrics that use tough girl causticism to keep a loved one at arm’s reach, while healing from a hardened heart.

Urgent, bewitching cinematic textures fuse warm harsh expansions, bouncy rhythms, dim, warbling wistful key stabs, and throbbing bass lines into a tumultuous, chaotic breeze around beautifully tragic female vocal layerings casting fierce attitudes, high celestial cries, and gentle windswept breathes into an emotional firestorm of burning passion.

The dramatic DIY video blends beautiful costumes, evocative acting, and breathtaking scenery into a powerful manifestation of fragmented timelines. Universal symbols, rich jewel tones, and dynamic props build intoxicating moods of unseen archetypal influence to sync seamlessly with the supernatural visions of the soundtrack. Vast seashores, wind-blown strength and muscular suggestions deliver ancient insight from the mind’s eye of lost inheritance to garner fortitude and honor from the tarnished figures of forgotten lore.

BARA HARI‘s new single, “Tempest”, taken from BARA HARI’s upcoming LP “Lesser Gods”, is out now on digital via independent label Re:Mission Entertainment.

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