WL//WH Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Weekly Tips

Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Weekly Tips

Salt Lake City‘s goth / new wave / post punk trio Sculpture Club“Not Impressed” from upcoming  V/A “Songs From Under the Floorboard, Vol. 1” benefit compilation via Accident Prone Records

Berlin-based Serbian post-punk / dark electro synth duo of Laslo Antal and Lidija Andonov, SIXTH JUNE “Someone” from the new album of demos and unreleased tracks “Without A Sign” out now on aufnahme + wiedergabe.

Italian post-punk / new wave band from Padova, Talk To Her “Nightfall” from their debut EP “Home” out now via Shyrec.
French cold wave / post punk duo from Besançon, VAGUE SCARE “Elegant Crime” from the upcoming cassette edition of the album “Classified” via Austin’s SpiderChild Records.
East London-based krautrock / post punk / psych foursome Snapped Ankle “CIA Man (NSA Man Violation)” [The Fugs cover] new 2-track single.
Texas‘ post punk / coldwave / darkwave project by Ashe Rüppe and Amendoa Lizzbeth Tamburri, DELPHINE COMA “Moth Meets Flame” from the upcoming new album “Leaving The Scene”, out March 30, 2018 via SwissDarkNights Label.
Croatian synth electronic musician (previously (Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II, Split Personalities) from Zagreb, Iv/An “Through (That Which Is Seen)” from the forthcoming Iv/An album ‘Comforts Of The Future’ via TONN Recordings.

Mexico City‘s Post-punk/Coldwave band MONOTONOUS CITY “Possessed” 2-track single out now.
Russian new wave / post punk band from Novosibirsk, Siberia, PLOHO ‘Сердце получает нож’ from the new album ‘Куда птицы улетают умирать’ out now.
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Mexico City‘s coldwave / post punk / minimal synth solo project Frequence Noir‘Blood and Fire’.

Fort Collins, Colorado coldwave / post punk / synthwave solo project CHAPELLE ARDENTE“Satin On Fire” from new EP “Total Human Apathy”.
Swedish minimal/synth act (also Krakow and Monument) from Stockholm, Ståltråd “Känna Igen” [demo 2018]

Danish Dark New Wave / Post-Punk band from Copenhagen, PRIVATE PACT “Impurity”.

Russian post-punk / cold-wave band from Khabarovsk, SUPERNOVA 1006 “Amnesia (feat. Mr​.​Kitty)” from the new album “Blackout” out now.

Oakland, CA industrial / goth / new wave / synthpop solo project Suffering For Kisses “Touch” new 2-track single.
Mexico‘s witch house / synthpop / electropunk project of Edwin Hernandez, aka SheUsedToBeHuman “Untitled” (Demo 2018)

German dark post-punk / shoegaze / ‘drum&gaze’ band (formerly Astral Tide) from Berlin, OS NU “Humdrum”.

Belarus post punk coldwavers Super Besse ”Predlogenie” off of Super Besse second album ”La Nuit” on I Love You Records (2017)

Spanish electronic / minimal synth / darkwave project from Barcelona, INTERSIGNO “The Edge”.

Rubi City, Spain electronic / synth-wave / futurepop duo Somewhere In The Future“Routine (GREYFIELD WOODS remix)”.

New new wave / synthpop moniker of Swiss electronic producer and long time Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode collaborator Kurt Uenala, NULL+VOID “Where I Wait (feat. Dave Gahan) (The Hacker Remix)” 

Spanish shoegaze / post punk 4-piece CONSEJO“¿En qué piensan las moscas?” from self-titled debut EP

German postwave / dark-synthpop project from Bielefeld, DEVINE NOIRE “Minutes (Remix)” from the demo album (2017), based on the version from the side project ‘A Transition‘.
Italian emo / post-punk duo of Thomas Koppen and Alessandro Baronciani, TANTE ANNA “Chi Sei” from the new EP “G” on To Lose La Track.
Swedish indie / dreampop / post punk outfit The Secret French Postcards “Blown To Bits”.
Barcelona‘s electronic / ebm / synthpop duo and Cønjuntø Vacíø label founders, SDH (Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms) “Tell Them” forthcoming three-track digital (only) EP ‘Tell Them’ on Avant! Records.
London, UK-based synthwave / synth-pop / darkwave project of Dominique Cologne (previously of duo Sato Sato), VOGUE.NOIR“Memento” from the forthcoming album “Strange Days” on UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS.
Norwegian post punk / goth rock band from Stavanger, New Breed “When the lights are out” new single
Dark Punk band out of Oakland CA. with members of Ötzi, Kurräka, False Figure, Cruz de Navajas, Zotz, ADRENOCHROME “Fools Paradise” from the album “Buzz or Howl Sessions” out now (tape soon on Near Dark Records).
Sydney ’s EBM / new beat / dark electronics project of Colin Thompson (Ghastly Spats, God K), aka BURA BURA “Flex Like Rest” from the cassette album “The New Flesh” out now Moontown Records.
 Córdoba, Argentina born, Madrid-based goth darkwave artist Gustavo A. Roselinsky aka Ornamenti D’ Oro “Puente Peatonal” from the new cassette album ‘Mater Tenebrarum’ on the new Madrid’s Tensión Ritual Records
L.A. based Australian/Iranian Electronic Industrial-Pop duo VOWWS “Inside Out” from the new album ‘Under the World’ out now via Weyrd Son Records.