WL//WH Video of the Day : ANTIFLVX “Against All Odds”

Video of the Day

Bogotà, Colombia coldwave duo ANTIFLVX,  comprised of Leonardo Jaime (Lyrics, Vox, Programming) and Camilo Alfonso (live Machines) just keep going stronger and stronger with every release. First the brilliant debut album “Platonic Perspectives” via Infravox Records and In Club Records, then the new song “The Last Sun” as part of Cold Transmission‘s ZEITGEIST vol. 7, and just today a collaborative track titled “A Dream Of Gods” with Mexican dark synth artist Sadness Isolation.

But first it’s time to celebrate the first ANTIFLVX‘s official video for the debut album’s track “Against All Odds”.

Sharp echoing penetrating warped synths, ominous tight thumping beats together with deep sinuous throbbing bass descending to a murky underscore as deep, dark baritone vocals quiver with fear, doubt, and ambivalence. Piercing, soaring, angelic synths combined with 80’s new wave dance beats merge with a strong clear voice enhancing the environment with more confidence and assurance. Synths change to eerie, perilous horns, drum machines slow like a heartbeat as the final words speak in an unsure certainty leaving the listener speculating as to what the final outcome could be?

Avoidance, fear, and taking risks. Feeling unworthy and scared he might lose control, a man conceals what is in his heart, and denies himself the chance to meet someone special. Dreaming of, “revealing my deepest thoughts against all odds,” he realizes it is not too late. He has not yet gained the courage, but he has not lost hope either, guess we’ll have to wait and see……

The DIY video shots in an office building becomes a place of unease as a man struggles with his confidence in both work and romance. Scenes from a gambling hall show a man rolling dice that appear to affect the outcome of the office man’s dilemma. You will not be left with questions in this tale, all the answers are given in a spectacular ending you do not want to miss!

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