WL//WH Premiere: PALM GHOSTS Awaken into Disillusionment “I Love You, Burn In Hell”

WL//WH Premiere Palm Ghosts

Album Artwork by Joseph Lekkas

Their forthcoming offering, “I Love You, Burn in Hell”, is another slab of discontent and disillusionment. Melodic songs about betrayal, exploitation and the hopeless task of navigating the modern world, wrapped up in catchy melodies and propulsive rhythms. The world is ending, for god’s sake. Get on the dance floor!

Nashville , Tennessee denizen Palm Ghosts, made up of Joseph Lekkas (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass), Benjamin Douglas (Guitars, Vocals), and Walt Epting (Drums, Percussion), deftly blend elements of Post-punk, Indie Rock, New Wave, Shoegaze, and Synthpop, primarily from the ’80s, to create hypnotic, powerful, and catchy songs, seamlessly able to deliver heartfelt and profound emotions brimming with restlessness and disenchantment.

The trio tease the November 10, 2023 release of the band’s seventh album, “I Love You, Burn in Hell”, via Poptek Records (US), Engineer Records (UK) and Sell The Heart Records (US), to unveil the title track, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

This song is about the striking emotional duality that occurs when a relationship sours. The overwhelming feeling of love and hate wrestling as they both churn to digest their regrets into justifications.Joseph Lekkas

Nostalgic, lush, and vibrant, punctuated by early U2 and Interpol grooves, the track rouses the dire inflamed emotions of romantic betrayal, swirling on an intricate and anthemic sparkling framework of poignant chiming guitar melodies, slowly swept by desolate airy synth swathes, underpinned by hypnotic punchy drum beats, and mumbling broody bass line throbs, to obsessively bleed with dizzy hopelessness around angsty heartfelt vocals, layering deep, baritone echoes with haunting repetitions, into a harsh sobering reality of regret and pain, “I Love You, Burn In Hell.”

A thoughtfully crafted video collage layers notable sculpted archetypes with ethereal prismatic lights to sync seamlessly with the epic human condition of the soundtrack. Strategically dissected Greek god statues move lifelike through the mind’s eye of imagination to lend a mythological perspective to the vengeful passions elicited from the tragedy of a  broken heart.

Palm Ghosts‘ new LP, “I Love You, Burn In Hell”, is due out, in Vinyl/CD & Digital formats, on November 10, 2023, via Poptek Records (US), Sell The Heart Records (US) and Engineer Records (UK).

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