WL//WH Video Of The Day: SWIRLPOOL “Cinnamon Sun”

Video Of The Day  Swirlpool

Regensburg-based German dynamic shoegaze 4-piece, Swirlpool, set aside the loud noisy distortions from last year’s single, “Spinning In Reverse,” for the hazy, summery, and breezy vibes of the new tune, “Cinnamon Sun”, paired with a dazzling animated video created by Julius Bigott.

Bright disconnected auras wind the dull twinkling nostalgia of mesmeric sun dazzled guitar melodies with driving heart-skipping beats, and submerged pulsing bass lines to emit an intoxicating reverb-drenched pain around sinking sad male vocals, lost in the numb, peaceful sway of drowsy daydreams.

A colourful and imaginative video by Julius Bigott illustrates an ideological view on nature and the danger of man’s reckless ways on her resilient cycles. Spinning solar rays magnetically draw dreamy clouds into a lazy thunderstorm’s mercurial desire while grey-blue skies cry raindrops of joy onto a scorched earth bed to bloom whimsical wildflowers. Humankind’s disturbing compulsions turn fate’s plan into a congested cityscape, where polluted ideas rise like Icarus’ arrogant follies falling destructively into an ancient underwater prison where an apocalyptic tide of deconstructed destiny takes hold.

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Photo by @uulson