WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #39

  • St-Petersburg, Russia dark psychedelic electronic trio Семь Ножей / Seven Knives “Monoland” from upcoming V/A “Ombra INTL 011″ 12” EP via OMBRA International

Berlin-based imprint Ombra International run by Luca Venezia – AKA Curses has always experimented, since day one, across a wide array of sonic suggestions spinning from electro, techno, Italo disco, coldwave, post-punk, psychedelia and a lot more. Already on Volume 11, the label’s sampler never fails to delight with up-and-coming exciting new acts and producers from every corner of the world. The first preview comes from favourite St Petersburg‘s electro rock’n’rollers Seven Knives with a bass-heavy propelled, dub-tinged, hypnotic, epic dance-floor monster sharpened by enigmatic vocals.                                                                                                      

  • Rotterdam, Netherlands acid/breakbeat/electro producer GAMMA INTEL “Automatic Illusion” title-track from the upcoming EP 12″ on brokntoys

Rotterdam-based producer Gamma Intel, back on brokntoys label, adds intriguing acid and breakbeat nuances to his new beat-tinged electro sound with a minimalistic yet electrifying first preview built on prominent mind-blowing crispy rim snare percussive patterns, ominously deep pulsing bass progressions and electro rhythms with subdued acid edges.

  • South of Italy acid/electro/IDM producer Francesco Pio Nitti, aka Caramel Chameleon “Blobla” from V/A “Cheers From Italy 250mg” on Proper Line

Young eclectic Italian label Proper Line distills a film-coated tablet containing 250 mg of Italian electronic essence varying from techno, acid, electro, IDM and industrial that will trigger a sheer sensory experience. South of Italy‘s producer delivers a truly absorbing and mesmerizing atmospheric acid-infused electro journey.

  • Danish ambient electronic collage artist and musician (aka øjeRum), Paw Grabowski “Untitled 6” from cassette “Lad Intethedstræerne Blomstre” on Janushoved
  • Moscow, Russia ambient ethereal electronic pop artist Olga Maximov, aka OMNA “Mojno” from the upcoming album “1905” on Antinote
  • BrusselsBerlin electro/acoustic/new wave/electronic duo, Joy Wellboy “Here Is Where I Belong (Klangstof Remix)”                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Moscow-based Raw Russian label head and house-visionary producer Nikita Villeneuve ‘Нервное Движение В Себя’ from cassette EP “Russian Selfish 001” on Raw Russian
  • Brooklyn-based electronic trio comprised of Samantha Pathe (synths/vocals), Stephen Pathe (drum machines/samples), and Jeff Carter (synths/vocals), Sandy – “Signals” from upcoming EP “Traces” on Geographic North
  • Humlebæk, Denmark experimental/ambient/drone/electronic producer Oliver Vaupel (aka Telluric Current), aka Manon Lescaut “Kevlar” from cassette “Catenaccio” via Janushoved
  • Darkwave / EBM / Synthwave one-woman-project from Turkey, BEWITCHED AS DARK “Code Human” from forthcoming digital album ”Please..Don’t Breed!”                                                                                                      
  • Liverpool, UK based new wave/post-punk /synthwave trio, Double Echo “Felix & Tantrum – MONOMORTE Remix”
  • Copenhagen’s experimental techno producer Anastasia Kristensen “Maxima” from upcoming “MAXIMA” EP on Houndstooth
  • Nashville, TN dark electro synthwave act Makeup and Vanity Set “No Survivors” from the upcoming album “Breaking News” 4th installment in the Charles Park series.
  • London based dark disco/psych/rave/electronic solo project half of the DJ duo Eskimo Twins, Timothy Clerkin “Kuiba” from new “Acia” EP on Throne of Blood Recordings
  • Skopje, Macedonia electronic producer BarumBarum – “Ritual (Sinchi Remix)”                                                   
  • Berlin-based “Electronic-Rock” duo project from Santiago, Chile, RANDOM ATLAS – “Cara ó Sello (Shubostar Remix)” from “Cara ó Sello” EP on Esthetique                                                                                                                  
  • French dark synth / electro-pop duo of Sebastien Chenut & Maud Geffray, Scratch Massive – “Chute Libre (Maelstrom Remix)” from upcoming “Garden of Love” remix EP on bORDEL Records                                         
  • French Italo disco/nu-dance producer LIFELIKE “Italo Disco” 2-track EP on London’s Future Disco
  • Montréal, Québec dark synth electronic duo of Marie Davidson & Pierre Guerineau, aka Essaie Pas :: ‘Earth (Passarani HiNRG Remix)’ from the EP “Earth” on DFA Records
  • Rubi, Barcelona dark raw electro project of Rafael M. Espinosa (aka Geistform), aka UNIVAC – “Tangra” from “Chernobyl tracks” EP on Moustache Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden acid/electro producer Arvid Wretman (aka Sexazoid and half of Osynlig Fetma), aka Your Planet Is Next – “U.F.O.” second release for the 7″ series of Berlin crew Warning
  • UK acid/electro/psych/techno solo project of York-based producer Paul Fawcett aka TECWAA – ”Cï” from the upcoming 7″ single “Cï / Xentæh” on Höga Nord Rekords
  • Votkinsk, Russia breakbeat/IDM/leftfield/electronic producer XAN “A” from split EP ‘ABCD 001’ with Honeälome via brand new Russian label ABCD (Any Body Can Dance)
  • Night Moves “Transdance (Club Bizarre Edit)” Feinstoff‘s edit of the 1981 original from the UK synth-pop/new wave quartet                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Milan-based, Italian experimental/new beat/EBM/techno duo (Marguerite Records founder + half of Bianco Negativo), Codeless avec Alter D – “Illusione” off of V/A “MRG005” cassette on Marguerite Records
  • Chinese industrial / dark techno producer ☯XIAO QUAN☯ “Immaculate Assault”                                                       
  • Argentine experimental dark electronics artist Turvia – “Drama” from the new album “The Mind Of A Mind Handler” on Infidel Bodies
  • Aukland, New Zealand EBM/Techno/Cyberpunk producer Alex K, aka Body Beat Ritual – “Deplatformed (Keepsakes Remix)” from upcoming “Deplatformed” EP on Pleasure
  • Berlin-based Italian EBM/Techno producer VELVET MAY “Phoebe’s White Skin” off the artist’s upcoming EP of the same name on Tears on Waves                                                                                                                               
  • Berlin-based experimental dark electronics solo project of Australian producer August Skipper (former member of Ascetic:, IOD label-sub and one half of Berlin’s Operant), aka AGENCY “Cracked 32″ Flat Screen” from upcoming S/T EP on Instruments Of Discipline
  • Barcelona, Spain EBM/cyber techno project Rafael M. Espinosa (also Univac), aka GEISTFORM “Sonocentric” from “Energia” EP via SNTS Records
  • Australia electro-punk/EBM solo project of Scud from Deader, CAUSTIC GRIP “Erasure” from the upcoming mini-album “The Descent” on Vertex
  • Marseille, France EBM/synth-punk project of Simple Music Experience label co-founder and member of Violent Quand on Aime, Théo Delaunay (also Panoptique and half of Succhiamo), aka Constance Chlore “Toi” from upcoming cassette album “KECS04” on Kess Kill
  • Scotland‘s Dark Experimental Techno Project Elektric Surgery “B.E.C”                                                                   
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia witch house/dark electronic/death electro project of Nikita Vasiliev, aka SKAEN “1-800-LONEHEART”
  • Late 80’s Dutch industrial/EBM/dark electro duo of René Van Dijck and Tycho de Groot, The Force Dimension “So-Dom (7” Version 1988)” from 2xLP expanded reissue of 1990 album “Deus x Machina” on mecanica
  • Italy-born London-based, Nervous Horizon head, electronic producer Guglielmo Barzacchini (aka TSVI), aka ANUNAKU “Forgotten Tales” from 12″ EP “Whities 024” on Whities
  • Northern California based dub/electro/psychedelic/dungeon disco project of Scottish sound-ingeneer, Sordid Sound System “Cape Perpetua” title-track of the new Mini-LP on Glasgow‘s Invisible, Inc.
  • UK legendary Cabaret Voltaire co-founder and Wrangler member, Stephen Mallinder “Colour” ” from the new album “Um Dada” on Dais
  • Bologna, Italy raw/house/ambient pop duo FLML “Penck Riddim” from cassette “N°5” via Alley Version
  • Wellington-based, New Zealand ambient/IDM electronic producer Ashok Jacob, aka MIROMIRO “In Andreev Bay” from the new EP “Andreev Bay”
  • Sydney, Australia electronic music maker Simon Mann – “Sunlight Through The Moss Grove” from upcoming EP “Beneath The Canopy” via Controlled Violence                                                                                                        
  • Italian experimental/ambient/minimal electronic project of Andrea Gastaldello, aka MINGLE “Wreck” from the new album “Coma” on Kvitnu
  • Ontario, Canada experimental/Berlin school/kosmische/electronic duo, Vernal Equinox – “Autumn Sunset” (originally 1988) from the upcoming retrospective album “New Found World” on Aural Medium, Toronto-based non-musician Linus Booth’s new label                                                                                                                
  • Berlin-based experimental/IDM/glitch/electronic project by Italian producer Simone Guido Izzi, MEZE “###_03” from the EP “###_03 / Ende” on The Collection Artaud
  • Amsterdam based Detroit inspired techno producer Human Space Machine – “Em 0tns” forthcoming on the new De Lichting label compilation                                                                                                                                           
  • Northern Portugal ambient/deep techno producer Nørbak – “Untitled – Edit Select Remix” from “Remixed” EP on Edit Select
  • Danish synth/electronic/kosmische duo Offermose & Angst, aka Den Sorte Død “Moseangst” from “Undergangen” LP
  • Hastings, UK industrial/ambient/electronics project of Zen Zsigo (also Maths, Life In The Dark, Livimorket), Cremation Lily “Sea Creature (Moss Harvest Edit)” from 2-tracker “Sea Creature Reworks” on Strange Rules
  • Ellsworth, Maine ambient/drone/electronic composer Bryan Hilyard, aka Hilyard “Night Swept the Forest” from the cassette EP “Somnolent” on Stereoscenic Records
  • Serbian visionary cult synthesist, Abul Mogard “I Watched The Sea, The Fields, The Sky” from “Kimberlin” (Original Soundtrack) soundtrack for Duncan Whitley’s experimental short film.

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