WL//WH Video Premiere: MY RAINING STARS Asks “If You” Dare to Care

Video Premiere  MY RAINING STARS

After last year’s fairly acclaimed first album from his side-project Meyverlin with Gilles Ramey and Philippe Lavergne (ex-Freluquets), French retro Anglophile Indie Pop melodist Thierry Haliniak returns, more confident than ever, under his usual solo alter ego My Raining Stars, established in 1998, with a scintillating infectious new single, titled “If You”, taken from the forthcoming sophomore album, 89 Memories, due out on June 7, 2022, via Shelflife (US) and Discos De Kirlian (EU), recorded with the precious support of talented young Danish multi-instrumentalist Casper Blond (Ethics) on Bass, Drums and Mixer duties.

The new tune is augmented by a day-dreamy video, by Amandine Shoe, WL//WH is pleased to Premiere.

“If You” is an intimate confession to a loved one that seeks to forge new bonds of love and trust whilst emerging from the shame and secrecy of past trauma.

Instant scents of Sea Urchins and The Lighting Seeds come quickly to mind to fade into the ear-worming and intoxicating dreamlike moods, crammed with twinkling pain-filled guitar melodies that strum and jangle in soul-stirring unison, to weave hope and agony through low comforting bass pulses and heart skipping, syncopated drum beats, amid swirling airy keyboard soars, caressing the high angst of emotional vocal harmonies with an immersive sensibility of melancholy and delight.

Whimsical and stimulating video by Amandine Shoe stirs shape-shifting clouds, sparkling celestial lights, and spinning visions into a dizzying array of inspirational thought forms around an intimate, magnetic performance to draw bittersweet nostalgia and future ambition from the mind’s eye of revelation. Neon-lavender fused auras fuse vintage clips, universal symbols, and outer-spacey imagery with the mercurial emotional moods of the soundtrack, whilst hypnotic overlays bloom into floral motifs, strobing lights, and astronomical suggestions to incite feelings of joy, excitement, and mystery from a groovy imaginarium of untapped dreams.

My Raining Stars‘ forthcoming 10-track album, “89 Memories” is slated for release, on Digital and Compact Disc formats, on June 17, 2022, via Shelflife Records (US) and Discos De Kirlian (EU).

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