WL//WH Video Of The Day : INFERIOR COMPLEX “Science”

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Southampton‘s Inferior Complex was originally formed in 1979.

I have a soft spot for bands that follow their path and inspiration, not caring about what happen around and behind them, add also the little thing that we share the same devotion to the distinctive Factory Records sound forged by Martin “Zero” Hannett, and ‘les jeux sont faits’.

Founded by brothers Andrew and Ray Missons alongside the original drummer Jimmy Faye, that soon left replaced by a drum machine, the band disbanded in 1983.

The brothers then played in various other bands together until they reformed the group in January 2011 soon adding Paul Jenman on drums, and self-releaseasing their album “In Your Life” in June 2017 on Bandcamp and hooked up with German Shepherd Records in July 2017 for wider distribution.

After the brilliant “You’re the only one for me”, they’re back with their new single “Science” to their once characteristic one word title, both produced by a former cohort from the late 70’s-mid 80’s Southampton punk scene, Alex Bradley ( Z-Cars, Red Money, the Bushmen), who injected a fair amount of minimalism and electronic undertones.

“Science” is introduced by a brief atmospheric electronic intro before the powerful, pulsating, driving bass takes the reins immersed in icy elegiac flowing keyboards along frantic beats underpinned by the whinging yet detached vocals, a raw and punky mix of Alternative TV’s Mark Perry and the Ruts’ Malcolm Owen, give a distinctive flavour to the bleak sense of desolation and sorrow of an empty soul who has long left hope behind.

Few post-punk bands nowadays can afford to champion the visceral energy, romantic spirit and the depths of dark feeling and emotions of the wonderful bands from such a unique and seminal era like Inferior Complex are doing, their honest, urgent, intense and direct approach speaks for themself.

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