WL//WH Track Of The Day: DIIST “Maybe”

Track Of The Day D I I S T

I was strongly convinced to have featured in the past the post-punk 4-piece D I I S T hailing from Tabor, Czech Republic, evidently it was playlists only.

Today’s release of the brand new single “Maybe”, is a good opportunity to introduce a band still fresh from releasing their 13-track debut album “Night” at the very end of last year, a poignant and captivating collection of songs from three years of joys and sorrows, permeated with a consistently cold, melancholic and melodic, 80’s UK influenced, post-punk sound interspersed with 90’s shoegaze and post-rock moods, enhanced with introspective lyrics.

The kraut-inflected “Maybe” burns its way out over reiterated, propulsive motorik rhythms and multi-layered gleaming, wistfully hypnotic guitar overlays, as moving and seductive as they are dismal and swaying, moulding behind, oddly ecstatic, plaintive vocals layered in hazy swathes of shame, disappointment, and regret, soaring together in an intensely whining and dramatically affected searing coda.

The first preview from an announced second full length, while hoping to not have to wait for such a long time, it gives a persuasive glimpse of pretty interesting further developments.

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