WL//WH Premiere: COURONNE DE MERDE “Charbel Hopes” [Self-Released]


Couronne de Merde is the moniker of Paris-based, French experimental musician, violin player and weird screamer. His music explores existential torment and doubts through brutal and emotional discharges, industrial sounds or sacred soundscapes, trying to create a personal path to the unlimited expression of introspection.

Somehow influenced by Dominick Fernow’s universe, Couronne de Merde is gentle violence that abandons itself in a certain melancholy, like a grey mirage, mirroring inner pain and anger.

The violence of this world and the rough injustices that devours him continuously lead Couronne de Merde to focus his attention, for various and supposedly unconscious reasons, on the Middle East and the Palestinian cause, deteriorating inexorably years after years.

The self-released new album “Many roads lead to suffering, but all of them lead to you” expresses the urge of getting closer to obsessions and ominous neurosis related to internal and external traumas through distorted sounds, tribal and oriental rhythms or noisy atmospheres. The project draws an equivocal soundscape of pain and bellicose sensations, alternating with personal subjects, intimacy and international politics through comatose states and mystical epiphanies.WL//WH is pleased to premiere the opening Middle Eastern flavoured ritualistic rhythmic stomper “Charbel Hopes”, imbued with dark, danger and fear that lurk under relentless shaky swaying of crispy, ethnic percussions, ceremonial echoes, sentient vibrations, and entrancing high strung Arabic female chants, attempting to flee through an invisible barrier of static interference thus disrupting hypnotic rhythms and premeditated frequencies with murky realms of disorientation and chaos, unpredictably clamouring and clanking under the intimidating weight of approaching doom.

All the funds from this release will be donated to Al Kamandjâti Association that, since 2002, provides music education to Palestinian children, and strengthen their appreciation for their own culture and identity.

Al Kamandjâti exists to teach music to Palestinian children, especially those in marginalized areas and to make music accessible to the entire Palestinian community, strengthening their appreciation of Palestinian identity, as well as of other Arab and international cultures.

You can also donate here: www.alkamandjati.org

Couronne de Merde‘s self-released new album, “Many roads lead to suffering, but all of them lead to you”, is out now on 25 copies CD + Digital through the artist’s Bandcamp.

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