WL//WH Video of the Day : SATURN’S CROSS “The Meeting Place”

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The mysterious and elusive, Vancouver, Canada based dark synth electronic solo project under the Saturn’s Cross moniker has come to our attention last year with a couple of singles and the 5-track album “Praying Behind The Graves” at the start of the year with a obscure and intense industrial coated cold wave sound.

Saturn’s Cross is back with a brand new full-length entitled “This Is Going To End In Blood” with a slightly different sonic proposal, more atmospheric and ethereal, yet equally visceral and gloomy.  A powerfully immersive and bewitching combination, filled with mystique, drama, pain and yearning.  

“The Meeting Place” (feat. Culain on vocals) is permeated by relentless, repetitive, oppressive and sinister drone that underscore the subtle cymbal clash on the drum machine as prophetic icy synths shrink and expand creating a tense and foreboding spectral synthscapes and slowly melting sombre melodies. Reflective esoteric breathy vocals softly reveal secrets while the drums evolve in louder and hypnotic claps as the synth becomes more urgent stimulating an array of powerfully immersive and profound brooding emotions. Suddenly the last note fades into the void, as the mistery and sorrow remain.

A song about choice, regret, and instinct. A dark night in the city finds an encounter that will change a man’s life forever. He decides to go against his intuition and trust someone. It does not take long to realize it was a mistake and things go horribly wrong. As a result he finds himself in a state of shame and disgrace.

The accompanied haunting and nocturnal video, directed by Max Montesi, is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Dark city streets, a meeting, and an exchange heighten the eerie vibes that something nefarious is going on. The secrecy and surprises captivate the showdown leaving the end open for interpretation. Professionally shot with hints of a possible sequel.

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