Video Of The Day  Unidentified Man

Belgium‘s analog synthetizer wizard Jurgen De Winter, A.K.A. UNIDENTIFIED MAN unfolds, in his usual strict DIY approach, an array of vintage machines for his latest video/single “T​.​V​.​H​.​A.”, or better “Triomftocht Van Het Amateurisme”=“Triumph of Amateurism”.

Ominous pulsing danger lurks beneath the Orwellian surface with generic authoritarian vocalizations suggesting mass mind control is at play, implementing rolls of rapid swells and relentless rhythms into dangerous levels of tumultuous tension. Electronic drone warfare alarm lingers while cybernetic computations flash in rapid cycles, amid deep bass oscillations cut with marching, militant beats, to build an unstoppable mechanical momentum of destructive domination cast in glitching robotic malfunctions.

Terrifying DIY video captures city streets ablaze in out-of-control violence and post-apocalyptical explosions, projecting black and white mental Disturbia over a static swarm of split-screen madness. A secret war room containing hypnotic innuendos fuses images of technology with a mad scientist’s experiments, as he performs massive electrocution onto an unhinged patient eliciting feelings of inescapable fear similar to today’s crisis.

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