WL//WH Track Of The Day : LIP CRITIC “Entry Level Stud”

Track Of The Day Lip Critic

Two drummers, two sampler players, elements of electronic, techno, industrial hip-hop, noise, breakbeat, punk coalesce into a riotous, impetuous and obsessive sonic assault, turning rage and distress into raw yet restrained energy.

Fast rolling drums and confident defiant rants of injustice furiously erupt into an adrenaline-infused dense array of low hissing bouncing basslines, hypnotising vocal samples and propulsive crash of cymbal-filled and distorted drum beats, adding layer upon layer of tension and release embodied by striking, visceral, acrimonious screams laced with righteous indignation and pain.

Lip Critic is a brand new exciting electronic noise punk band from New York. “Entry Level Stud” is their infectious debut single, absolutely not to be missed!

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