WL//WH Video Of The Day: GENTLE FEATURES “The Parting”

Video Of The Day  Gentle Features

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Gentle Features is a new low-profile DIY musical project by friends Martin Jessen, Jonathan Pedersen and Arjuna Thomassen, joined on stage by Kim Wolf, that have just released their debut single “The Parting”.
The band’s beautifully fragile and immersive sound, self-described as ‘dabble in vivid aesthetics, lush chorus guitars and thick synthesizers, creating songs of love, frailty and dread’, walking the line between murky post-punk, moody new wave and dreamy melodic indie-pop to create an intriguing distinctive sonic palette of greys and umbers.

A wash of reverent, dense, spacious airy synths, combined with deep droning basslines, seamlessly ebb and flow with wistful sparkling guitar melodies, underpinned by mid-tempo syncopated drumbeats, as pained and suffering, dark and foggy, alluring Tindersticks’ Stuart A. Staples-like baritone vocals croon of fearful, indecision, and anxiety enhance the disenchanted mood that occurs in the lyrics.

A song about losing all you hold dear for not letting go of what was. Going so far as to hinder an environment of positive growth to foster the lost. Succumbing to the negative thoughts and emotions will destroy what is presently good.

Home movies portray a seemingly happy young family set against the backdrop of “the American dream” circa 1970. Beautiful landscapes rich in foliage and trees surround a mid urban city on a trip to an amusement park, the airport, and on a pony ride as an enlightening revelation is made!

The cryptic lyrics and somber music create a bleak outcome for the unsuspecting family who cannot see the forest through the trees.

Stunning debut!

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