WL//WH Video Of The Day : S Y Z Y G Y X “Velvet Lips”

We left off with the Arlington, VA. dynamic darkwave duo of Luna Blanc and Josh Clark (AKA DJ Impulse of Corrupt Souls/Sinthetix), a.k.a. S Y Z Y G Y X  on their brilliant sophomore EP “Broken Mirrors”, the last two tracks prove the band is steadily increasing and perfecting their infectious mix of darkwave, post-punk with industrial undertones.
A few days ago they released the visuals of their amazing new song “Velvet Lips”. Their signature bleak post apocalyptic soundscape of cutting ominous icy synth lines, wicked pulsating bass, strong mesmerizing beats, and eerie hypnotic vocals take us on a cosmic journey full of tumultuous emotions. Evoking fear, sadness, and utter dismay at the realization that we are merely a speck in the vast sea of love, life, and death.
A band absolutely on fire.
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