WL//WH Track Of The Day: SLEEPING WITCH & SATURN “Knife”


Exactly four years after their first self-released and Self-Titled 3-track EP, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based Post-punk 4-piece Sleeping Witch & Saturn come back with a brand new single, “Knife”, to foreshadow their upcoming debut full-length album “The Divine Madness of Spring”, due out on September 9th.

The band, retaining the original lineup of Matt Vituccio (vocals/guitar), Rowdy Kanarek (guitar/synth), Alex Nelson (drums), and Anna Shaw (bass), deliver a skeletal, jerky and nervous guitar-laden Post-punk sound with Indie Rock leanings, that could be easily dubbed Art-Rock, fueled by a vibrant and groovy rhythm section, and churned by skewed, neurotic, early’80s tinged NYC’s urban New Wave inflexions, as well as poignant New Order’s “Ceremony” 6-string tones, whilst anxious David Byrne-like wails throw out dark poetry of love and obsession.

Album release show at Pittsburgh’s Thunderbird Hall on September 10th.

“Knife” is driven by energetic drum beats woven with sinuous, roundly bouncing bass pulses and jumpy, wiry and jagged guitar lines, rambling with obsessive high-pitched agonising affliction along with urgent, restless vocals, releasing angsty, rapid breathes of doubt and dread into a nostalgic surge of hopeful dreams.

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Photo by @ben.jaminbrady