WL//WH Track Of The Day: PATRICIA WOLF “Lament”

Track Of The Day Patricia Wolf

Where death opens deep wounds, music soothes and helps to move forward…

Portland-based electronic musician, synthesist and sound designer, previously one-half of psych synthpop duet Soft Metals, Patricia Wolf is absolutely aware of this while composing her 23 minutes and more new track entitled “Lament”.

“It’s a song I wrote over several months to help me through my grief as my mother in law was in her final months of life with terminal cancer. The song is dedicated to her.”

An inner turmoil of harrowing emotions due to the deep pain for a slow death lead the creative process to represent the most natural and necessary way to overcome the impending loss.

Photo by Marcus Fischer

Gently slow-flowing iridescent sonic elements uncoil in contemplative shimmer over organic field recordings low frequencies, swelled by restrained and dilated wailing harmonic fluctuations, molten with soothing wordless vocal modulations, permeated by a lilting bittersweet poignancy, restlessness and fragile melancholia, both peaceful yet unsettling, channelling the complexity and intensity of overwhelming emotions, by sculpting an iridescent and mesmeric aura that fluctuates in a dreamlike contemplative suspension, oscillating between deep affliction and enveloping comfort, ruffled by deceitfully discordant ripples of lingering disquiet.

Pristine, both organic and synthetic, mirror music, subtly chiselled and wholeheartedly delivered, that sinks deep into the intimate, intense and solitary path of a vivid soul, bound to instil the entirety of her mixed feelings into a moving and blossoming rarefied sound catharsis, as painful as it is comforting, out of any space-time essence, dripping seemingly endless moments of aching beauty.

Patricia Wolf‘s new digital single “Lament” is out on Fallen Moon Recordings, the new digital only sub-label of Past Inside the Present.

“Lament” was composed, performed, and recorded by Patricia Wolf at her home in Portland, Oregon. Marcus Fischer provided additional processing to place her music within a careful construction of time and space in order to support her concept. 

A portion of the proceeds from “Lament” will be donated in her honor to the El Moro Elfin Forest, which operates under the umbrella of Small Wilderness Area Preservation.

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Photo by Marcus Fischer