WL//WH Video Of The Day: RİTÜEL FOR TWO “Nothing Left”

Video Of The Day  Ritüel For Two  

Formerly of Tijuana‘s psychobilly bands Los Helldandys and Intrepid Mutants, Mexican Darkwavers Karim Rosales and Belem Politron AKA Ritüel For Two return with a horror video by Pablo Aristo, featuring Turi Villanueva, for the bewitching new single “Nothing Left.”

Forlorn lyrics brood in a realm of nihilism, and despair to conclude there is “Nothing Left” but to end the pain.

A daunting hypnotic nightmare of droning undulating bass tones, icy ethereal sparkling guitar melodies, and distant, clapping, and steady beats elicit doom and fear over soft yet wicked distorted vocals and harsh breathy whispers foreshadowing hopelessness into a sea of traumatic scars whilst falling helpless into a piercing dread of haunted memories.

A romantic Gothic fantasy, created by Pablo Aristo, builds danger, mystery, and allure around a desperate soul’s last moments. A spooky backdrop cast in universal symbols of death and gloom breathes dire situations into a lost person whose shattered dreams, warped reflections, and ritual obsessions lead to self-destruction at the hands of vintage despair. Beautiful acting and wardrobe combine with intriguing camerawork and editing to draw the viewer into a dark realm of nocturnal moods, blending seamlessly with the shadowy dramatic emotions of the soundtrack.

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