WL//WH Video Of The Day: IAMNOONE “A Fading Memory”

Video Of The Day  Iamnoone  

Born in 2019 as the solo project of Parma-bred painter and musician, as well as voice and guitarist of Italian post-punk outfit Marlat, Filippo Galleani, aka Philippe Marlat, Iamoone has been enriched, since the release of the debut album “A Primitive Trinitas”, at the start of last year, through German independent label Cold Transmission Music, by the unique presence of fellow kindred soul artist Stephan Seth, whose poignant bass notes provide further depth, introspection and bleak nuanced tones of shadow to the band’s original cold darkwave sound.

The duo has shared an intoxicating DIY music video for the heartrending track “A Fading Memory”, to celebrate the first anniversary of “A Primitive Trinitas”.

Ominous warbling, throbbing basslines, airy glowing synth expansions, and obsessively somber baritone guitar melodies coalesce into an enshrouding cinematic atmosphere amid distant, emotional male vocals expressing nervous tension and subliminal desires, echoing whispers and fading sentiments behind the lashing snare beats’ persistent momentum laced with darkness, urgency, and wintry post-punk bliss.

Passionate lyrics convey the dark and intimate feelings of heartache and the difficult process of healing using a poetic stream of consciousness.

Surreal imagery draws from subconscious fears and anxieties to create a heady flow of catharsis. Black and white tones intensify strobe light effects to extract morphing shadows of exaggerated perception around facial expressions overlain in typeface, eliciting esoteric thought. Penetrating eyes of pain reflect distracting textures from shattered dreams and lingering hopes merging into a blurred prism, shifting time into an endless spiral of racing thoughts.

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Picture by Regina Zverkova