WL//WH Track Of The Day: CORBEAU HANGS “Light To Dark”


Corbeau Hangs is the new Dark-Wave project of Manuel Perez from the hellholes of Phoenix, Arizona, on his second single, titled “Light To Dark”, in just over a month.

Gothic poetry suffers a shared human experience of darkness and hate, with cold shivering lines such as ‘Where there’s love there’s pain’.

“Light To Dark” is a late She Past Away style Dark Synth-Wave number that dances through an energetic bouncy 80s-tinged rhythmic drive of punchy snares, hard-knocking hits, and hypnotic rumbling bassline oscillations, layered with ethereal choir chords, desolate pulsing synth glares, and subtly pricking liquid guitar melodies, wandering with wiry piercing ache-filled echoes, around reverb-drenched haunted vocals, switching between numb fear and emotional pain, as danger lurks close by, since ‘dark will cover the light.’

Check for the visualizer where a frightened gothic soul sits alone, helpless and paranoid, in a room of visualized darkness, where shadows manifest the evil festering and swarming outside.

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