WL//WH Track Of The Day: LENTAMENTE “Química de Siempre”


Active since 2018, but particularly prolific in the last couple of years, demonstrating a certain acquired maturity in his songwriting that couldn’t go unnoticed by a quality label like Z Tapes, Lentamente is the solo project of Costa Rican bedroom pop artist Arío Rojas, who delivers an intense and impassioned, yet bright lo-fi guitar-pop, ranging from distinct wistful indie-pop aesthetic, sparse off-kilter jangly shimmers, shadowy post-punk gloom, with undercurrents of anxiety-inducing vibes a la Feelies, and 90s fuzzy shoegaze haze, dressed by reflective emotive Spanish vocalizations, to reach a fine balance between sombre melodic appeal and vibrant and dynamic instrumental lines.

After last August’s brilliant sophomore album “Sismos”, the San Josè based musician and producer ends a troubled yet creatively brilliant 2021 with the new single, “Química de Siempre”, that blends wandering Beach Fossils/RealEstate-like emotional jangly indie-pop ditty shaded by murky post-punk moods, whilst, lyric-wise, dives into the dystopic realm of disenchantment using a poetic introspection of colourful and evocative metaphors to arouse feelings of melancholy, frustration, and alienation.

Driven peppy and syncopated rhythms, underpinned by a deep winding bassline, sway along enveloping glistening weft of interweaving chiming guitars riffs, sewing wistful bittersweet melodies, at times rippled by strains of sudden anxiety, with a subtle disturbing shadier tone, while contorting, trembling, obsessively pulsing, stretching and meandering in counterpoint to sullen vocals laced with anxious whines of fear and shame, slipping desperately into an angsty compulsive and gloomy nostalgia.

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