WL//WH Video Of The Day: RITES OF SIN “Daydarkness”

Video Of The Day RITES OF SIN

Rites of Sin is the Ephemeral Dark Wave solo music project of British composer and artist Iris Voss, who crafts an evocative ‘ceremony of piercing synth melodies and disturbing beats’ to take the listener down a metaphysical path to insight.

An Official Video by Nyack, New York based multi-media artist Joan Pope (aka Temple ov Saturn) for the new single “Daydarkness” gives us an early glimpse into Rites of Sin‘s self-titled 9-track debut album scheduled for release on June 21, 2023.

A haunting apocalyptic poem frets in the overwhelming emotional paralysis that occurs at the hands of a supernatural disaster.

Blissful yet dire moods flare over urgent murky shuddering bass lines, metronomic punchy beats, and echoing penetrating icy bright synth melodies laced with eerie ephemeral glows, to build a dreamy ethereal intoxication around angsty heartfelt vocals, releasing feelings of inescapable doom into a cathartic outflow of hopelessness and dread.

Lively, transformative black-and-white visuals by Joan Pope shuffle soul-stirring imagery with imaginative shapeshifting filters and endless symbols of life to sync seamlessly with the uplifting vibes of the soundtrack. A swift stream of flickering consciousness unravels into delicate fluffy will o wisps, a rainbow of beautiful children, and an edgy performance by Rites of Sin herself to open hidden portals of hope and sunshine through inspirational visions for the future of humankind.

Rites of Sin‘s self-titled 9-track debut album, in Digital & Vinyl 12″ formats, is due on June 21, 2023. Already on pre-order on Rites of Sin’s Bandcamp.