WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #17  

Quentin Shih photography


  • Garzen Jukebox #28 – KIRSTY P                                                                                                                                   
Eclectic London based DJ, whose unbridled love and vast knowledge of music combined with an impeccable taste in a wide variety of sounds, unmistakably run through her compelling sets.
  • Hebden Bridge, England experimental/minimalistic/electro-acoustic/ambient project CLOUD DIAMETER “Saturation Bell” from the cassette album “Cloud Diameter 2” via Submarine Broadcasting Company

A visionary and hypnotic atmospheric aural narrative of sheer imagination, with a subtle melancholy vein that crosses vividly sensorial electro-acoustic soundscapes in which lights and shadows, hypnotic calm and strident alienation, veer constantly in a variety of nuances and tones that don’t allow drops in interest.

  • Berlin-based experimental rave techno producer Patricia Gurband – “All In My Imagination” on INSANE INDUSTRY
    Dark, deeply pounding, experimental techno with rave and industrial undertones, creating a ceremonial tense pathway till purification.
  • Latvia by the way of Russia/Hungary electro producers Dmitry Distant & Norwell – “Anaesthetics” from V/A “Suburban 2 – Benefit for Milan” COVID fundraising compilation via FU.ME rec

Imaginative sharp hypnotic electro meets striking experimental industrialized techno in an international benefit compilation, arranged by FU.ME rec, devoted to the Italian city hit most by the pandemic.

  • Danish experimental electronic/synthpop artist (former Gold Lip singer and Lust For Youth’s latest member) from Copenhagen, Soho Rezanejad “This Sea Is Not A Memorial” from V/A ‘Scandinavian Swords IIII: Atlas of Visions’ due out May 15th on Northern Electronics.                                                                                                        
  • NYC Industrial /Experimental duo of Roxy Farman and Matthew Morandi, WETWARE “Exaggerated Bliss” from forthcoming album “Flail” on Dais
  • UK analogue synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio “Somewhere There’s A Sunrise” (weekly track no.5)
  • 80’s French ambient/industrial/electronic musician Jérôme Mauduit, aka Desaccord Majeur “Sunquake” title track from the upcoming album on A Colourful Storm
  • Chicago experimental/synth/electronic alchemist AJ Gapsevic, aka ECHO HAUS “Quietus” from the album “Electronic Music: Technological Advances In Selfcare”
  • Montreal, Canada electronic producer and half of Pelada, Tobias Rochman ‘Do They Owe Us A Living?’ (CRASS cover) – Solidarity with striking Amazon Workers. Please consider boycotting Amazon on May 1st 2020 
  • Brussels-based experimental minimal electronics producer Mazzocchetti feat. Emma DJ “Virtual Odorat” off of V/A “Ransom Note presents Pen Pals” fundrising compilation on Ransom Note
  • Portuguese experimental/bass/electronic project composed of Swan Palace and DRVGジラ, aka 7777 の天使 “Desire, The Angels (GOLPE EROTICO deseo effect)” from “Bruised Grills Eternal Tears” EP on Berlin’s Soul Feeder
  • Brazilian experimental/industrial/dark techno producer XIAO QUAN “结束 (accuracy)” from V/A “Spite” compilation on Nebuchadnezzar
  • Chicago-born/Brooklyn-based experimental electronic producer aka Inhalants (with Jahiliyya Fields), Masks (with Arp), DSR.MR (with Cloudface), and Ociya (with Tin Man), Max Ravitz aka PATRICIA “Downlink” from the upcoming album “Maxyboy” on Ghostly International
  • Berlin-based, French industrial/experimental/electronic/drone sound artist and record label YGAM founder Pablo Diserens, aka Ōtone “Porous” from V/A “Dancing Fluids” on INTERVAL
  • Greek experimental/electronic/techno producer from Thessaloniki, DJ LOSER “Spirit Emblem (Julien Andreas remix)” off of “Internet Consolation” album on Magdalena’s Apathy
  • Greek experimental/industrial/wave/dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Averting A Crisis” from upcoming “Repeated Mistakes” EP on brand new label Shitty Crabby Entertainment                       
  • Dutch electro producer Lloyd Stellar “Father Time” new single
  • UK industrial electro duo of Simon Brown (aka Dexorcist) and Phil Klein (aka Bass Junkie), Kronos Device – “Control ” “The Infinite Ones” EP on new Soma Records electro sub-label Avoidant Records                                
  • Croatian EBM/techno/synth electronic producer ZARKOFF ” Out Of Control” from the upcoming “Testosteronia” EP on SOIL
  • Italian porn-ceptual industrial project by Erminio Granata and Carmine Laurenza, aka HYPERLACRIMAE “Kogawa No Gotsu” from the upcoming cassette album “Yoga-darśana” on Infidel Bodies                     
  • Los Angeles-based industrial/dark electro/techno/minimal wave main project of producer and songwriter Matia Simovich, INHALT “Schwarz (Black Merlin Remix)” from the upcoming remix album “Simulation” on Mechatronica                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Berlin-based industrial/ambient/techno/dark electronic side project of Wien-born producer known as Pure, Current 909 – ”From The Trenches (The Mover Remix)” taken from the upcoming ”Something With Black In The Name Remixed” EP 12″ on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Barcelona industrial/dark heavy techno producer Assassani “Since The Living Flesh Is Bvrned” from cassette EP “Danzefloor Dystopia” on Tripalium Corp
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina Industrial/Dark Techno/Acid /Electro/EBM producer Dim Deck / ???????????? ???????????????? ‘Distracciones’                                                                                                                                                           
  • Argentinian industrial techno DJ/Producer May Mc Laren – “World Domination” from the upcoming Compilation V/A – “Soror Virtus I” [PIT004] on Pildoras Tapes
  • Berlin l São Paulo industrial techno producer Unhealed – “Self-Pressure” from V/A “SADOMEDIEVAL” compilation via new São Paulo’s BURACO label
  • Colombian experimental/industrial/techno producer Damaged Clock – “The Ghost Inside” from the new album “The Odissy” on SOIL                                                                                                                         
  • Melbourne, Australia EBM /dark electronic producer LBEEZE “Running Away”                                                      
  • French electro composer, producer, remixer and Black Strobe member Arnaud Rebotini “The Masquerade (Cardopusher Remix)” from “This a Quarantine EP 6 – Workout”                                                                             
  • Dutch experimental/electro/techno DJ/Producer from Amsterdam, 543ff feat. Rogér Rogér “Gesten” from the upcoming album “Amok” [DRSS 40020] on Diffuse Reality Records.
  • Berlin-based experimental electronic musician Chris Imler – “Country Club” title track from the upcoming EP 12″ on Benedikt Frey, Nadia D’Alò and Markus Woernle’s R.I.O. label.                                                                            
  • Paris-based electronic/coldwave/darkwave/electro producer GEWALT “Somewhere FaceTime. Dysnomia (Delectro remix)” from upcoming “Synesthesia” EP on RND. Records
  • Brisbane, Australia industrial/dark electronic solo project of 100% member Grace Stevenson aka Rebel Yell “Anti Club Music feat. R-T-FAX” from the sophomore LP ”Fall From Grace” on Rice Is Nice Records
  • UK synth/electronic producer Dark Strands “Transient” new single
  • Polygon Window – “If It Really Is Me” [1992] ( La Decadanse Rework ) COV-EDIT 04                                             
  • Florence/Barcelona dark synth electronic trio of OBON, Nico Monsta & Giulio Rosiello, aka LoveTheMachine “Robots Cientificos” via TONN Recordings‘ quarantine single series.                                         
  • Geneva-based house/techno/electronic music producer, DJ and founder of Le Ski Club, Onii, aka Rodosaurus – “Schima” off of V/A ‘Le Ski Club 003’ third collective EP by the artists of Geneva-based House Label Le Ski Club                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Barcelona-based nu-disco/dark electronic Argentinian producers and Playground Records heads, Kuunde & Martin Noise “The Silk Road Affaire” from upcoming V/A “International Waters Vol. 1” on Ombra International                                                                                                                                                             
  • AD – ‘European Crime (PR 458695 Discoteca edit)’ from V/A “Pubblicazione Privata (Discoteca Edits)” 12″ EP Obscure early 80s library tracks on hiroshima45 | chernobyl86 | windows95                                                    
  • Glasgow, UK psych/electro/folk producer KUSHT – “Pyramids” from “Master” EP on Frente Bolivarista
  • Dutch electronic producer Marc Holstege, aka BARIL “One More Rush” title track from upcoming debut EP “One More Rush” on Intercept
  • Athens-based, Greek experimental/cinematic/ambient/darkwave/electronic pianist, musician and producer Serafim Tsotsonis “Velvet Tears” from the new EP “For Spaceships and Stars”
  • Chicago-based ambient/downtempo/IDM producer Salvatore Cordova “Anyone”
  • Baltimore experimental/ambient/electronic artist John Lane, aka A Journey of Giraffes “Knife Shadows” from the album “Floating in Legends: Volume 1”
  • Boyds, Maryland ambient/noise/electronic project of indie musician Dylan Hyman, aka TEVEE. “Shop” from upcoming cassette “Soundtrack to Expedition” (a soundtrack to a video game that was never released in co-operation with Red Fox Game Studio ) on Sheffield’s Utility Tapes                                                                                
  • Berlin-based experimental/ambient/electronic composer and producer (aka HECQ), Ben Lukas Boysen “Medela” from the upcoming album “Mirage” on Erased Tapes
  • Slupsk, Poland dark ambient/noise project ANDER “The Purifying Flame” on “Tulpa” EP via Somewherecold Records
  • Ellsworth, Maine ambient/drone/electronic composer Bryan Hilyard, aka Hilyard “Evening Vapors” from “On the Sorrow of Firn” album on Stereoscenic Records
  • Boston-based, South Korean cellist, composer, noise maker and improviser, Okkyung Lee “the yellow porcelain bird” from the upcoming album “Yeo-Neun” on Shelter Press

Quentin Shih photography