WL//WH Video Premiere : BLOOD BLUSH “Sea of Doubt”


Up and coming New York based ‘dreamgoth’ post-punk 3-piece Blood Blush is tirelessly delving their heady and minimalistic amalgamation of shoegazey, sparkly yet atmospheric, intricate guitar chords, hypnotic rhythms, deep pulsing sombre basslines and haunting vocals, to create brooding and dark, shadowy and intense soundscapes, troubled by sudden visceral, cathartic jolts of pent up emotions, where darkness and light, sorrow and hope intertwine naturally.

WL//WH is glad to premiere the video for ‘Sea of Doubt’, first preview from the upcoming EP ‘Doubts’, due to be released on April 2nd, 2019 via Rock Hand Records

‘You rip me apart’ resounds twice disturbingly over hypnotic and obsessive sharp guitar notes, building deep state of tension from the outset. Vibrant taut drumming, sprinkled with piercing reverb-filled stabs of guitar strums, underpin irresistibly melodic, sinuous bassline that winds its way, together with soaring web of searing icy guitar lines and tribal rhythms, into an eerie aura of danger and dread, both unsettling and hypnotising at once, heightened by deep, rich, agonizing vocals trapped inside contradictory feelings of subdued attraction and profound repulsion.
A song about desire, pain, and being lost. The moment he looks into another’s eyes feelings of danger, fear, and caution emerge. Torn between yearning and self preservation, leaves him treading water in an emotional ‘Sea of Doubt’.
Neither police questioning, nor freezing temperatures could not stop the accompained visuals shot on location at Ashokan Reservoir, NY……
A dramatic black & white video emphasizes the contrast between the harsh brutal Winter and majestic  landscapes  to illustrate the turmoil, fear, and ambiguity felt within a relationship. Dark turbulent waters alternate between a man running full speed, and a vibrant overlay of a struggling shadow. Both images are visually disturbed, one is free, the other confined, leaving the question is he rushing toward or away from his problem?

F E B R U A R Y 

02.05.19 BROOKLYN, NY at Ceremony with Lacey Spacecake and 2Frail

02.25.19 MANHATTAN, NY at The Mercury Lounge with Balms and Half Human

02.27.19 RIDGEWOOD, NY at H0L0 with Twin Drugs, Peel Dream Magazine and Palladino


03.31.19 KUTZTOWN, PA at Mind Palace with Future Punx

A P R I L 

04.02.19 BROOKLYN, NY at Ceremony (Record Release Show) with Haldol

04.26.19 BROOKLYN, NY at Hart Bar for RE:NU Gatherings with Lovelorn

M A Y 

05.11.19 MANHATTAN, NY at The Mercury Lounge for The Red Party. 

J U N E 

06.28.19 ARTEMAS, PA at The Cornchella Festival.


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