WL//WH Video Of The Day: PAT MOON “Air To Your Fire”

Video Of The Day   Pat Moon

North Carolina-bred, Portland based Track and Field label honcho, Cemeteris member, artist & musician Kate Davis, a.k.a. Pat Moon has just released her sophomore album “Romantic Era”, proof, once more, of her unique knack for crafting pristine little beauties of heartfelt and spectral ethereal pop.

In the minimalistic and intense “Air To Your Fire”, smooth subtle beats and beautifully hypnotizing and eerie synths underlie the bewitching, fading, layered and disembodied, voice, that brings giddy pleasures through static mesmerizing and hazy synth textures, conveying an introspective, obscure and almost darkly feel, full of feelings of courage, hope and remorse due to a troubled relationship.

Pat Moon music’s ‘beating heart’ is often shrouded by atmospherics and mystique, perennially covered in a veil of mist from which, however, is always possible to discern glimmers of light.

Once again an album destined to soothe and caress our senses for a long time to come.

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