WL//WH Track Of The Day: MANNEQUIN TWIN “Threshold”


Although the band’s only release on Bandcamp, the recent new 2-track single “Threshold” by the Salt Lake City, Utah-based power trio Mannequin Twin was actually preceded by the full-length album, “Dead Dream”, in 2021.

The group, made of Nick Gravley (Guitar, Vocals), Nick Ledbetter (Drums) and Auston Heywood (Bass), add further intensity and pathos to their moody, atmospheric dark guitar-laden sound, injected with painful melancholic desolation, clad in a goth-tinged Post-punk aesthetic, fueled by powerful rhythms, blazing guitars, hoarse, mourned emphatic vocals, reminiscent of Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, and the most contemporary Lebanon Hanover and Fearing.

“Threshold”, lyric-wise, deals with a confession from a tormented soul who finds himself lost in a world of isolation, fear and lurking danger.

Tight, urgent drum beats, ominously stalking basslines and effect-filled bleeding guitar strains, resound with penetrating agony around harsh throaty baritone broods, releasing a tormented outpouring of anxiety and pain.

Grave and disturbing, the flip, “Relapse”, strewn with shades of Darkwave, insinuates ghostly visions lit up by searing reverberations, awash with murky despair.

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