WL//WH Track Of The Day: MENTAL FATIGUE “Form”


Definitely, one of the most remarkable songs from last week is the quite irresistible first single, “Form”, by new Warsaw’s cold wave duo Mental Fatigue via Warsaw/London based label Dreamland Syndicate.

Comprised of Henryk Szemis (strings) & Krzysztof Buffi (Synths, Drum Machine, Vocals), the latter already featured here around a couple of years ago under his darker solo project Pelnia, the band deliver a bouncy, snappy and captivating four-minute of 80s-inflected, hook-filled jangly new wave, that unfolds seamlessly in a swirling and dizzying emotional dimension of immersive euphoric melancholia, to travel back in time to the beginning of a relationship, where helpless yearnings and distant regrets forge newfound slivers of sparkling hope.

Driving and slashing mechanical rhythms from a drum machine march along with a tightly skipping, sullen arpeggiated bassline, encircled by sparkling ripples of beautiful chiming guitar melodies, and sinuously fluttering buzzing keyboard swells, to somberly shimmer and hum around sad, romantic bittersweet male vocals longing in soft heartfelt harmonies, faraway memories, and intense sentimental cries, to fall head over heels into nostalgic wistfulness of angsty love.

“Form” draws in familiar bygone memories, echoes of Modern English or thereabouts, in a fresh and addictive, yet not trivial, way.

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