WL//WH Review: THE BLACK VEILS’ stormy, splendid, impressive new album “Carnage” via Icy Cold Records

WL//WH Review  The Black Veils

The Black Veils, Bologna

Yes, this one is absolutely among the best post-punk albums of the year!!! “Carnage” LP by Italian post-punks dropped on November 15, through Icy Cold Records, is a must-listen, by all means, a very strong album by a compact team from Bologna, and a fast album that hit me directly between the eyes and I am happy about it. It is one of these records that goes alone on repeat and is truly a magnificent creation. All things “Carnage” LP is in the face with very impressive and great faith in the potential of this band that sounds very confident with their new release. The album is fast, stormy, splendid, ‘dangerous’, electrified like no tomorrow, and it comes from one of the most important scenes in the world; the Italian post-punk that is giving us gems all the time.

The whole album is inspired (and driven) by cinema, existentialism, and the effects of insomnia with a huge dose of black humour too. I read in the press kit that

the album was recorded and mixed without seeking perfection in order to re-create the band’s ‘live’ attitude in the studio.

Well excuse me, but it sounds, first as indeed a live recording as I can’t explain better to myself the thrust they offer, and second, the result shows that all these guys (Antonio Falcone at TeaZ Studio, Bologna/ Cristiano Santini at Morphing Studio, Bologna/ Federico Pianciola at Mandala Studio, Turin/ Giuseppe Taibi at Asanda Studio, Bologna) who worked on “Carnage” did it all according to one specific plan on how this records should sound and how they could all support the ideas of Gregor Samsa (AKA gregorsamsaestmort), Filippo Scalzo (from Caron Dimonio), Mario d’Anelli (from European Ghost), and Leonardo Cannatella; The Black Veils. The effect is really awesome at the end. Solid sound, clean sound, and compressed to the point where it will not spoil the whole thing and make it sound like ‘suffocating’ and ‘blur’. All the work here shows it was done very comfortably and nicely.

The album was written and recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic and “Hyenas” showed up early about 10 months ago…as if to underline what would follow next…

Then came “Lamourlamort” with that clever and tricky title for a song, and the Press kit again offers this interesting info about it;

The song takes inspiration from Robert Aldrich’s movie “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”, while the chorus quotes Jean Genet’s interview with Nigel Williams when the french author mishears the interviewer: the terms “l’amour” and “la mort” sound essentially identical and are disambiguated by their use in the context

If I were to give you some more focus tracks I’d choose “See You at My Funeral” which is the opening track of the album and it throws you to the wall immediately, here, you can understand that this modern blend of post-punk with shoegaze wings started unveiling the almost miraculous album. “This Is Going to Hurt” because it is actually a punk tune, very audacious, and the song in the album that made me decide that what I hear is simply, simply an ‘outrageous’ release like the ones I adore, and “Death by Arrogance” because its lyrics overcome the fury of the music of the song…” you’re not paying attention
 but you will__________I’ve lost my home
 So many times before
 It doesn’t touch me…”. Generally, now it is difficult to choose a fave song or two from “Carnage” LP, only you will understand alone which tracks are gonna go on repeat automatically. No more words from me, here is this ‘outrage’, listen to it loud and throw The Black Veils your love!!!

p.s. I also like the front cover very much, see ya

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The Black Veils, Bologna

Written by LoudCity Mike.