WL//WH Video Of The Day: HANGING GARDENS “Délavée”

Video Of The Day  Hanging Gardens

Metz, France based Darkwave duo Nadia B. and Loïc V AKA Hanging Gardens drop a thrilling and frightening cinematic video, created by Léa V.B., for the haunting track, “Délavée”, taken from the band’s third EP “Corps Vides 4​.​0”, to explore the dark side of life using black poetry, theatrical vocals, and eerie, mesmeric instrumental textures.

Cold, dark electric spells forge wicked droning layers of dangerous throbbing bass lines, distant clappings, sparking domains, fast pulsing lashing rhythms, and ethereally ringing, obsessive guitar melodies into an alluring atmosphere of impending doom, to alternate sensual French whispers and stunned, numb English fears betwixt relentless tides of icy bright synth melodies and glistening stringed extensions flowing mercilessly over disintegrating vocal echoes of fading hope.

Reptilian brain stem functions drive terror, awe, and fear through a surreal desert bed maligned by a high speed slithering snake hunt cast in ritualistic revere. Hypnotic red and blue dimensions open depth-defying moods around a magnetic performance of rippled translucent reflections, suggestive hand symbols, and sinister, serpentine shadows to evoke sentient chills of dread. Hidden, unblinking eyes skew upside down visions to spin split-screen deceptions, figurative poses, and treacherous overlays into a ghostly lyrical underworld where a lost soul awakens into the light of ancient wisdom to find torment and pain amid viscous predators.

Another intoxicating single that enhances the captivating musical casket of torment and beauty, however not too crowded, from Metz‘s pair, evolved over time into a cold and fragile darkwave of pure enchantment, laced with poignant melancholy and emotional poetic depth, that has the gift of making even the darkness shine.

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