WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS “Piano Ghost”(Official Video)


Active in the mid-80s and heavily influenced by the British Post-punk dissonant style and the Belgian Cold-Wave melancholic atmosphere, Belgian band The Ultimate Dreamers resurrected during the COVID lockdown, releasing a selection of old demos on the “Live Happily While Waiting For Death” CD and vinyl in 2021. 

A dynamic impulse that brought the Brussels-based act not only back on stage, but also in the studio with a new line-up comprised of Bertrand on guitar, Frédéric on vocals and Joël on bass with Sandrine, a classical musician, on keyboards and cello.

A newfound state of grace encapsulated in The Ultimate Dreamers‘ upcoming first studio album, “Echoing Reverie”, produced by Len Lemeire (Implant, 32Crash, Anne Clark…), due out on March 17, 2023, via Brussels‘ label Spleen+ (the cold wave/minimal synth division of the Alfa Matrix label group), and Eindhoven‘s Wave Tension Records, previewed by the esoteric visuals by Thomas De Moor and starring Eleonor Burgo, for the new track “Piano Ghost.”

The song shines light on the hidden, destructive duality between inner trauma and a vibrant exterior that leads to deception at the hands of denial.

Cold, dark, and reverb-laden mists compel sad, compulsive, meandering piano melodies, tensely stark beats, warped bass line throbs, and abrasive fuzz-out guitar riffs, to swell into euphoric distractions around grainy, aching vocals alternating numb pain with urgent angst, amid immersive, swirling effects, rising, out-of-control, into a disassociative reverie, before falling breathlessly into a heart-racing dance of ominous obsession.

An evocative video, directed by Thomas De Moor, stars Eleonor Burgo as a troubled black-clad beauty whose fascination with mysticism leads to danger and turmoil. Stunning contrasts, dramatic acting, edgy attire, and suggestive dancing set the stage for a subconscious dive into hypnotic manipulation where magic totems and inverted reflections cast distorted views over the mind’s eye of desire and control, syncing seamlessly with the corrosive dichotomy explained in the lyrics.

The Ultimate Dreamers‘ debut studio LP, “Echoing Reverie”, is scheduled for release, CD & Digital, on March 17 via Spleen+ label; and Limited Vinyl 12″ edition on May 15 through Wave Tension Records, with a slightly different track listing. 

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