WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #39

Photo by Chaloner Woods

  • San Jose, Costa Rica alternative rock/dream pop/shoegaze 4-piece Adiós Cometa “Norte” second single

Second single from Costa Rican combo evokes as usual deep intense emotions, ready to ooze deeply sad and nostalgic moods into a sparkling soar and fall of bleeding and whining guitar melodies, along with steadily pulsing rhythms, around heartfelt, sentimental male vocals releasing resonant sorrow into the fading strains of a melancholic love.

  • Melbourne, Australia shoegaze/dream pop/indie pop 4-piece GRAZER “How Many Times” new single

New delicious soothing and gently enveloping new single from Melbourne art dream poppers blends sinuously smooth, throbbing bassline and brittle, twinkling guitar melodies to radiate hazy, nostalgic and bittersweet moods over distant detached, layered vocals that rise, fall, and echo in astonishment and bliss.

  • Oklahoma City‘s dream pop/surf/psych/indie/synth pop duo HUSBANDS “Garth” new single

Oklahoma City duet delivers a bittersweet and emotional synth-infused pop ‘delicatessen’ through tongue and cheek male expressions that layer vocal personalities from young, naïve observations to motherly embarrassments, while stuttering rhythms, airy synth swells and brittle prickling guitar melodies carve a nostalgic and sentimental journey down the main drag of small-town America, or in this case Yukon, Oklahoma’s “Garth Brooks BLVD.”

  • London-via-New York dark ambient/drone/shoegaze/electronic project of one half of The Golden Filter Penelope Trappes “Eel Drip” off 4 track EP “Eel Drip” on Houndstooth
  • New York indie rock/psychedelic project of Angel Deradoorian, aka Deradoorian “Monk’s Robes” from the new album “Find The Sun” on Anti- Records
  • Seattle indie folk singer/songwriter Kaylee Williams “Passing Through” debut single
  • Toronto, Canada ambient bedroom pop producer/singer-songwriter Shanika Maria, SHN SHN “Essence” new sophomore single
  • Busan, South Korea indie-rock 4-piece Soumbalgwang / 소음발광 “PM6” from the album “Fuze”
  • Melbourne guitar pop/indie-rock trio Low Key Crush “Been Waiting” new single
  • Ottawa, Ontario ambient/dark folk/shoegaze/dark indie trio WOOD LAKE “Some Things Are Worth Saving” from the new album “Mer Bleue”
  • Toronto, Ontario apocalypse folk-rock duo Funeral Lakes “Earth Falls” from the new EP “Golden Season”
  • Portland, Oregon electronic synthpop / dream-pop duo of Hollie and Keith Kenniff (aka Helios, Goldmund), Mint Julep “Some Feel Rain” new single from an upcoming album in progress
  • Liverpool, UK indie/new wave/post-punk/shoegaze 4-piece OH WELL, GOODBYE “The Choral Choir of the Capital” new single on Edils Recordings
  • Veteran UK electronic folktronica collective TUNNG “Death is the New Sex” from upcoming double vinyl album “Tunng Presents…DEAD CLUB” on Full Time Hobby
  • San Francisco, Ca jangle/new wave/power pop 5-piece LATITUDE “Thursday Is The New Sunday” from upcoming sophomore album “Mystic Hotline” on Emotional Response Records
  • Mexico indie rock/noise rock band EL SHIROTA “Más de una vez” from the debut LP “Tiempos Raros” on Devil In The Woods
  • Strasbourg‘ noise/shoegaze/post-punk/psych-pop 4-piece Sinaïve – “Éternel Retour” off upcoming “Dasein” EP on Buddy Records
  • Irish indie-rock 4-piece from Dublin, Pillow Queens ‘HowDoILook’ off the debut album ‘In Waiting’
  • Newport, UK indie rock/noir pop 4-piece THE NIGHTMARES “Give Up The Hoax” off double A-Side 7” Single ‘The Falling Dream / Give Up The Hoax’ due out October 30th 2020 on Limited Edition Red Vinyl through Stereo Brain Records.
  • Toronto post-punk/psych/noise pop 4-piece, PEELING “Suck” from the upcoming album “Worshipper” 
  • Malmö, Sweden garage/power-pop trio MOM “Tonight” from the album “Pleasure Island”
  • Seattle, Wa lo-fi/shoegaze/garage/indie-rock band led by brothers Erik and Evan Foster (the Boss Martians), DIRTY SIDEWALKS “With a Girl Like You” (The Troggs cover)
  • Los Angeles-based roots bluesy garage rock trio The Spyrals “There’s A Feeling” off their new album ‘Same Old Line’ due October 30th on Fuzz Club
  • Auckland, NZ garage fuzz-pop duo Hariet Ellis and Yolanda Fagan (Bozo, Vincent H.L, Echo Ohs and Thee Crockettes), aka NA NOISE “Open The Door (Roundhead)” from “Open The Door & Dance With Me (At Roundhead)” 7″ vinyl single on Holiday Records
  • Boston, MA noise-rock/shoegaze/psychedelic ‘hypnotic reverb rock’ band Magic Shoppe “Mystreated (Live)” off of upcoming Magic Shoppe’s “Live In London” LP Recorded live at The Lexington in London on Saturday February 22nd 2020, via Little Cloud Records
  • Reykjavík psychedelic/shoegaze band Singapore Sling – “Touch The Filth” from Singapore Sling’s ”Good Sick Fun” LP, out now on vinyl/CD via Fuzz Club
  • London-based lo-fi/noise/psych/post-punk solo project of one half of Qlowski, Michele Tellarini, aka Catholic Block “The New Girl” from the debut cassette album “We Fail” on Maple Death Records
  • Houston, TX dream pop/post-punk/coldwave/shoegaze solo project by Daniel Gaona, aka Day Disguise – “Julia (Asylum Party cover)” off 2-track single, in homage to the Asylum Party, “Coldwave in Quarantine”
  • Portland, Or Darkwave/Dreampop/Psychedelic duo Devoured By Flowers “Universe Control Static IV” from the LP “Phantom Time Traveler”
  • UK new-age dream-pop duo, LIGHTS THAT CHANGE “So Save Yourself” from the last album “Pure”
  • Houston, TX dreampop/shoegaze 4-piece ANGEL AURA “Bruja” off “Left Home Session” on Left Home Records
  • Minato City, Japan alternative/noise/shoegaze band BLOOD PICK ME “True Lie True Die” new single
  • Thailand shoegaze band TELEVER “Us” new single off forthcoming LP on Brand New Me Records
  • Bay Area noisy dream pop 5-piece from San Francisco, LAVENDER BLUSH “The Spark” from the EP “Yosemite Studio Session”
  • Philadelphia, PN psychedelic/shoegaze quartet Cigarettes for Breakfast “Breathe” from “Aphantasia” EP
  • Austin, TX-based experimental/shoegaze/dreampop solo project of Haley Conlin, aka DOTTIE “Omnisill” from “Single” compilation album
  • Tokyo, Japan indie rock/shoegaze band MOON IN JUNE “Screen” new single
  • Zwolle, Netherlands post-rock/noise rock/shoegaze 4-piece Nebenschau “Lock The Door” second single
  • Louisville, Kentucky husband (David) and wife (Courtney) dream pop /shoegaze band COLOR CRUSH “Lean” debut single
  • Sidney shoegaze/indie rock/dream pop 5-piece Ultracrush “Perfect frame” new single
  • Lima, Peru lo-fi/ethereal/psych/dream pop solo project EMILIA F. “Gibrán Khalil” from the EP “Si Fueran Eternas Estas Madrugadas”
  • Seattle, Wa indie rock/power pop project of a former member of Bay Area shoegazers Modern Charms, Mark Palm, SUGARCRUSH “Be Kind To Me” from the upcoming album “SODO Pop” on Don Giovanni Records
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia lo-fi indie troubadour MORVERN // “Time you’ve never known” new single from upcoming EP “Anemoia”
  • Portland, OR indie rock/dream pop project FOUND SPACE “Shadows” new single
  • UK 60s-tinged lo-fi indie singer-songwriter and DIY musician, BLAKE “Be Mine” from the retrospective double CD (plus 6 new unreleased tracks) “HMS Blake” on Subjangle
  • Boise, Idaho indie pop band THE VERY MOST “Her Three-Year-Old Laugh or The Time The Microphones Played in My Living Room” from the upcoming album “Needs Help” on Kocliko and Lost Sound Tapes
  • Seattle/Olympia, WA dream pop 4-piece JUPITER SPRITES “A Radiant Eclipse” from the upcoming album “Holographic”
  • Legendary mid-90s and early ’00s Greek indie-electro-lounge pop duo (former members of One Night Suzan and Next Time Passions), The Crooner – “Over The Rainbow” from the vinyl reissue of the 1998 Shelflife Records mini-album “Heaven Airlines+” (plus compilation tracks) on make-me-happy
  • Manchester, UK bedroom pop/indie folk singer/songwriter Test Card Girl “Holds Me Down” first single from the debut album “Seven Dolls” due for release late 2020
  • Atlanta sophisti-pop/synth-pop outfit True Blossom “Serious Boys” off upcoming new album ‘I’n Bliss’’ due on 23rd October via Citrus City.
  • Argentinian stargazing dream pop duo from Rosario, Queridas “Víctima” new single on Casa del Puente Discos
  • UK synthpop project of Nick Carlisle of Bamboo and Rose Keeler-Schäffeler (aka Keel Her), LEAN LOGIC ‘‘Safe In A Dream’’ debut single on O Genesis Recordings                                                                               
  • Pittsburgh, PN electronic/dream-pop duo DRAUVE                                                                                             
  • Swedish dream-pop/synthpop duo of Karolina Komstedt (previously with Poprace) and Johan Angergård (Acid House Kings, Poprace), CLUB 8 – “Our Little Loving” new single out on September 25 via Golden Islands                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Washington D.C. dream pop/post-metal/post-rock/shoegaze 4-piece BOUND “The Lines” from the album Haunts, out October 1, 2020, via Jetsam-Flotsam and Diehard Skeleton Records                                 
  • England, UK experimental/kraut/shoegaze/psychedelic/drone band lead by Ian Smith along Stephen Lawrie (Telescopes) and Jake Taylor, The VanishingLines “Ships” from the upcoming album “No Replacement Found” on Little Cloud Records
  • Los Angeles-based Filipino ambient/ethereal/electronic musician Ana Roxanne “Suite pour l’invisible” off upcoming second LP “Because Of A Flower” on Kranky

Photo by Chaloner Woods,1950s