WL//WH Video Of The Day: GRUNDEIS “Vain”

Video Of The Day  Grundeis

Hamburg-based, German dark and atmospheric 3-piece Grundeis, made up of Laura Müller (vocals, guitar), Nils Pfannenschmidt (guitar) and Tomas Rommel (drums, synth), cruise seamlessly from seething introspective shoegaze vibes to edgy and moody post-punk rhythms in a witchy video for the second single Vain, taken from the upcoming debut album “Amygdala.”

Nostalgic piercing guitar melodies cut severe melancholic moods around ominous driving drum beats and numb oscillating bass lines, while sad, impassioned female vocals exhale unforgiving emotional turmoil laced in shattered dreams and torn heartstrings, building anticipation for the swell of reverb-drenched angst expelled in a brazen instrumental surge of relentless impending doom.

Captivating lyrics betray inner sentiments of peace in lieu of harsh judgement and denial, allowing self-deception to take hold and fester into a sickness of fury and shame.

Intimate video, by Manuel Tröndle, merges red and blue dimensions of discomfort and lust into a ritual cleansing for enlightenment. Shallow breaths inhale anxious fumes of fear, rejecting the light and dark construction of Society’s design to breed love and hate through shadows of doubt. Hidden lights illuminate a brief passion-fueled escape lingering in the anger and intensity of a ceremonial purification, stirring the nocturnal realms of power and greed into forbidden desires and misunderstood alienation.

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