WL//WH Video Of The Day: ISOLATED YOUTH “Iris”

Video Of The Day  Isolated Youth

After the first preview “ICT (Instalment Credit Transaction)”, Stockholm-based post-punk foursome Isolated Youth, made of brothers William & Axel Mårdberg , respectively on Guitar and Vocals, along with Egon Westberg Larsson on Bass and Andreas Geidemark on Drums, continue the countdown to their new 5-track EP release, due out March 20, 2020, 12″ Vinyl & Digital, via independent Greek label Fabrika Records, sharing the music video for the title track “Iris”

Icicle-sharp, sparkling guitar-driven melodies blend seamlessly with the charismatic allure and melancholy of distressed androgynous vocals, amid bustling drumbeats and ominous, deeply twanging basslines to form moody, angst-ridden atmospheres of claustrophobic darkness, pierced by the prominent depth and range of beautiful alto-esque quivers trembling in breathless intensity.   

Fatalistically romantic lyrics express extreme sentiments of emotional distress and need, using metaphors of light, vision, and love in a painfully desperate plea, “Don’t shut the door!”  

Hauntingly hypnotic video, created by William Mårdberg, builds disorienting layers of magnetic allure, adding a static live performance atop an inebriated club scene set against the backdrop of a blurred twilight landscape cast in ominous shadows and urgent fires, to depict the chaos of despair and primal fear.  Overlays flicker into fluid dimensions, obscuring mysterious domed dwellings and elongating skeletal limbs, as they shred into an ambivalent sky. A hypnotic red haze fills a dancefloor warped in euphoric agony, while pale apparitions struggle to remove a veil of secrecy smothering manic depressions lost in ritualistic obsession.

‘Iris’ EP cover

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