New Music : CATCH THE BREEZE : “Fields of Sunrise” video & “Glow” debut album

New Music

Danish 4-piece Catch The Breeze, founded in early 2014, is comprised of drummer Andreas Bundgaard, bassist Lars Madsen and singer and guitarist Aage Hedensted.

The experienced musicians share a common past in Yellowish, a prominent indie-rock/dreampop band through the latter part of the 90’s and the 00’s that released two albums, “Solid Ground” (2004) and “So Bright” (2006), before disbanded.

Aage Hedensted launched a solo-project, Mixtune for Cully, in 2007 also joined by drummer Andreas Bundgaard, releasing two albums, “We Know Where the Aircrafts Hide” (2008) and “Season of Silence” (2012).

Bassist Lars Madsen is a member of Phosphor Kid, a new band founded by Randi Løvendahl Gustafsson of Ladylion.

After the self-titled debut EP from 2014, the band have just released their debut full length “Glow”  on Kundalini Records DK, both digitally and on vinyl, recorded at TapeTown in Aarhus, Denmark by Rasmus Bredvig in 2017.

Through two intense and focused live sessions the band has achieved a raw, dynamic and organic sound that perfectly joins the band’s melodic, noisy and dreamy elements. The songs range from stark minimalism to adventurous compositions. Lush swells of swirling guitars are contrasted by tight drums and catchy bass. At the center stands the voice of Aage Hedensted, a deep baritone that communicates poetic and evocative lyrics that revolves around themes such as longing, night and inner-city life. 

In the new album the trio highlight a natural and disarming ability and ease to hybridize elements  from shoegaze, post punk and dreampop, in an hypnotic, intriguing and incisive personal sound. 

Check out the amazing video recorded and edited by film maker Nicolai Reinhold featuring the actor Mathias Paysen, taking the viewer on a man’s trip from his hazy mind and longing for the wide and blue skies. 

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CatchTheBreeze-Foto by Zuhal Kocan