WL//WH Video Premiere: MOOD TAEG “2MR (Version)” [Happy Robots Records]

Video Premiere Mood Taeg

Photo by Faible

Mood Taeg is a musical project split between Düsseldorf and Shanghai, started in 2016 as the musical outlet of Lowell Freeman, TDK and K’ko, part of the wider Mood Taeg Kollektiv, which includes musicians, graffiti artists, DJs, photographers, painters, and video artists, the latter, such as Faible, in charge of the visual aspect of the band.

The musical style of Mood Taeg reflects their love of German experimental music from the 1970s and the legacy it has in other musical styles such as Hip Hop and Electro.

The function of the group is to create music, both uncompromising and totally accessible, which incorporates the motorik drumming of Jaki Liebezeit and Klaus Dinger, the melodic sensibilities of Neu! and Kraftwerk, and the experimentation of Can, Cluster and Harmonia to produce extended instrumental metronomic compositions that are contemporary and at the same time fit exactly within the lineage of their influences.

Mood Taeg record all of their music at their home studio, Lowell’s Garden, and combine digital recording techniques with old analogue synths and instrumentation.

Moog Taeg “Exophora” album cover

Mood Taeg‘s 5-track debut album, “Exophora”, is slated for release on 22nd May 2020, Coloured Vinyl 12″ & Digital, via Happy Robots Records, preceded by the DIY video for the cut “2MR (Version)”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

 “2MR (Version)” unrolls naturally on droning tinny pinpoint synth melodies that dizzyingly zip and buzz overwinding quickly deep pulsing serpentine bassline, relentlessly propelled by mechanical motorik beats, and punctuated by resounding atmospheric distorted guitar flourishes, amidst indecipherable background conversation, exploring, with fresh and genuine authenticity, the simple mystery of a timeless sound, always the same, yet always different, that beats, vibrates and seamlessly charm, entranced in endless analog repetitions and reverberations.

The retro-futuristic visuals create a trance-inducing road trip down a geometric highway stacked in textural layers, angular forms, and grid aligned vortices bloom dimension and motion into an expanding horizon of cyberscape flashed in a subtle hue of Kraftwerk green.

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Photo by Faible