WL//WH Video Of The Day: VORSICHT VORSICHT “Страх / Fear”

Video Of The Day Vorsicht Vorsicht

Vorsicht Vorsicht is a Russian studio project based in Ufa, formed at the end of 2018 by former TRIØXIN member Ilya Tikhonov (lyrics, bass) and Alexey Olkhovatov (synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and production).
After the debut self-titled EP released on April of last year, the duo is going to drop a new album, entitled “The Cross Of Time”, with old and new material, through their respective independent labels ТАНЦЫ ДО НЕБА records (CS) and Discosomething Records (CD).
Expertly using old digital and analog electronic instrumentation, the group’s cold, elegant and melancholic ’80s inspired sound combines elements of coldwave, postpunk, synthpop and industrial.

Eerie sinister glowing synth melodies pierce, soar, and undulate amid steady, resounding beats and metallic claps, as an electrically charged throbbing undertow of bass churns mechanical captivity around angry, disgustedly abrasive male vocals, trembling distorted suffering under menacing industrial clanks of bondage.

Lyrics are a Russian poem about existential fear. Graphic allusions describe the smell of bigotry in the air and the stench of man in the streets by a gritty young soul holding contempt for the modern society and the innocent nature of those who have forgotten the past struggles of their heritage while living in numb comfort. “Dead poet killed, Summer 2008”

“The Cross of Time” Album Cover

The compelling video uses gridlines, animation, and dramatic acting to build a mysterious scientific viewpoint as to why mainstream society blindly follows authority and peers into an uninformed order of obedience and submission. Images of soldiers marching, mathematical equations, and post-apocalyptic gas masks compute, measure and record human behaviour, biology, and subliminal programming into an oppressive montage depicting the mindlessly illogical role of people play in a police state governed by “Fear.”

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