WL//WH Video Of The Day: FOLLOW ME NOT “Bliss”

Video Of The Day Follow Me Not

Longstanding French band Follow Me Not based out of Brittany, since 2016 a stable duo comprised, in addition to the founder Nicolas Guerroué on vocals and guitar, also of Mik Chevalier (ex 27th October) on bass, have released at the start of the year their seventh album “Vanishing Smile”, Vinyl / CD & Digital, via Unknown Pleasures Records, replete with the band’s distinctive fresh and vibrant, ’80s-tinged, dark guitar-laden sound, that unceasingly blurs the lines of Post-Punk, Shoegaze, New Wave, Coldwave and Noise-Pop.

The duet have just shared the new video, created by Gweza, for the track “Bliss”, a heartfelt and melancholic Smiths-esque tune driven by sparkling and strumming, jaunty guitar melodies atop sinuously pulsing bassline and peppy rhythmic drumbeats, whilst breathlessly romantic and brooding male vocals let it all out in a heavy rush of mixed emotions.

Confessional lyrics explain the feelings of first love as “Shaking to the depth of my soul” when a special someone’s smile sends shockwaves through an unfound heart.  Vulnerably intimate words of fear, isolation, and thought-provoking honesty zero in on the flip side with the poignant one-liner, “Nobody told me?”.

Blurred, smeared, and unfocused video photography shot on a dark road lit only with headlights disorients and confuses, while a simple animated alien with four hands runs awkwardly in front of the auto, as a representation of blinding love caught in the fear of being hurt. Illustrated UFOs fly strategically through a battlefield of stars and planets shooting small lasers in defence of the unavoidable pitfalls that occur during a romance set against the backdrop of the phases of the moon symbolizing the natural stages of love. Negative image photography of a lone figure sitting cross-legged on a shore staring into the vast oblivion of sea and sky completes the cycle of windswept adoration as we are all alone within ourselves to some degree.

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