WL//WH Track Of The Day: ZACHWYT “Nic Osobistego / Nothing Personal”

Track Of The Day  ZACHWYT

I have to thank Krzysztof Utbult‘s as usual precious Eastern European YouTube Music Channel for introducing me to Zachwyt, the lo-fi shoegaze solo project by Polish teen composer and musician from Oświęcim, at the debut with a Self-Titled EP rife with a hazy, vaporous, churning yet immersive sound swathed in thick blankets of reverb that unfurls and swell throughout the 4 tracks, interspersed by mesmeric rarefactions in folksy electroacoustic tones, as in the lead single “może to dobrze”, made by rustling aural washes and floaty vocalizations, often saturated by build ups of noisy walls of sound, amidst shades of post-rock glimmers and bleak post-punk vibes, as the slightly mechanical and emotionally overwhelming “czekam aż spadnie deszcz”.

In the wake of the most sensorial and atmospheric Slowdive, the Polish multi-instrumentalist draws resonant and mesmerizing absorptions in bright flowing emotive mists, with underlying persistent layers of restlessness and anxiety, which radiate in a relentless interpolation between melancholy atmospheric resonances and dense boisterous surges, disclosing captivating muffled harmonies from chaotic spirals of perpetually contrasting emotional highs and lows.

 The opening jam, “Nic Osobistego / Nothing Personal”, is laced with introspective lyrics that brood in an obsessive stream of consciousness where fear, remorse, and sorrow set the stage for relationship woes.

Hypnotic strummed chords expand and sway into shimmering textures of reverb-drenched mist, infused with radiant frequencies and obsessive wistful twinkling string ripples, that ebb and flow, palpitating in unison with tinny-tinged tactful steady beats, along with fearful, distorted vocals casting anxious breathes of alienation and dread, encircled by suffused piercing celestial whispers, through dense bursts of sparkling distortion, swarming in a final blaring and searing surge of bedazzling painful emotional depths.

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