WL//WH Video Of The Day : AFTER ABSENCE “Collide”

Video Of The Day

I wanted, but I didn’t find the time to highlight this excellent debut, just yesterday a friend, thanks Viktor, reminded me of this video I missed, so what a good opportunity, even two weeks later, to recover it.

After Absence is a new FrenchItalian darkwave duo based in Paris who released their 5-track demo in the second part of April.

“Collide” is as cold and syntetic as it is elegant and seductive, starts with atmospheric menacing drones and sinister clangors and the monotone vocals, soon propelled by throbbing pumping soaring bass intermingle with icy cold synth and pounding beats, the emotionally disconnected vocals convey a deep melancholic sense of desolation and inevitability of fate where finally all the contrasts will ‘collide’.

Just an outstanding sampler of the passionate and thrilling heady blend of darkwave, post-punk and coldwave with industrial undertones of the rest of the EP, highly recommended.

Check out the brilliant video featuring rocketships, badass women and the singer Estelle with a Blade Runner-esque look. 


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