WL//WH Video of the Day: DUCTAPE “Neurotic Passion”

Video Of The Day Ductape

Freshly formed Turkish darkwave duo Ductape based in Istanbul have just debuted, at the start of June, with their first EP “Little Monsters”, home-recorded during the recent lockdown period, via all digital platforms on Tamar Records.

Furkan (former guitarist and composer of noise bands Apartmanlar and Softa) and Cagla combine tense instrumentation with fervent vocalizations to form a dramatic, yet highly relatable structure of a uniquely modern intense and rousing concoction of synth-punk, darkwave, post-punk sounds in a heady paranoid surge of adrenaline-fueled release.

Icy bright stabs of synth radiate taut alarm along hard pounding beats and abrasive high energy guitar scraping distortion, as deep ominous pulsating bassline bounce relentlessly beneath sassy revved-up female vocals bursting in sexual tension.

Lyrics describe the laws of attraction through a tongue and cheek inner dialog dripping in latent magnetism, subconscious desire, and learned cues, all uploaded into a shared behavior pattern, that pushes and pulls opposite charged feelings into a match made in electronic bliss.

A non-stop blend of black and white movie clips, unbalanced images of nature, and scientific experiments pulse to the heightened beat of raw strobe lights, while time-lapse photography quickens the pace into a mutated overlay evoking a paranoid panorama of isolation and fear, already reminiscent of the 2020 lockdown days. Vintage camera lenses span a bleak backdrop bursting in orchid blooms, shapeshifting violent plumes of atomic smog over picture in picture captures containing perplexing global research, viral cellular motion, and un-fired synapses charged with “Neurotic Passion.”

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