WL//WH Video Of The Day: BILLOW “Rollercoaster”

Video Of The Day Billow

Veselí Nad Moravou/Prague based, Czech Dream Pop trio BILLOW, made up of Lenka Zborilova (vocals, lyrics), Jakub Zboril (guitars), and Vojta Vesely (guitars, synths), celebrate one year since the release of the band’s best release so far, the acclaimed album “III” via independent label Z Tapes, with a symbolic video for the soul-stirring opening track “Rollercoaster”.

“Rollercoaster” is lyric-wise soaked with emotional introspections that explore feelings of alienation, anger, and shame at the hands of a toxic relationship with wine and social anxiety.

Desperate tempers wind wandering pain-filled and obsessively shimmering guitar strings laced with stinging reverb through deep pulsing basslines, airy keyboard chords, and soft scattered percussions to sway disorienting hopelessness around the beautifully tragic, dark ethereal female expanding vocal harmonies, releasing breathless sentimental sorrows into a narcotic ebb and flow of restless stasis.

Depth defying overlays, shot on 16mm film during one cold night in Prague by Dragisa Pelemis, construct a heady disconnection of intoxicating escapism wept in the cold isolation of carefree abandon. Dim translucent strobe lights contort and transfix haunted reflections of a swirling, reckless performance into the dizzying hours of twilight oblivion. Spectacular sparkling carnival rides gleam glistening euphoria onto a midnight excursion to elicit deceptive and magnetic moods of danger, darkness, and destruction whilst corrosive graffiti-strewn tunnels pull all hope and fear into the lonely apocalyptic daydreams beyond a sleepy sunrise horizon.

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