WL//WH Video Of The Day: DUSKEN HARMONY “Mirror Tears” (Official Video)


Dusken Harmony is an ’80s-inspired atmospheric dark electronic solo project from Belarus that fuses elements of New Wave, Darkwave, and Post-punk to concoct a brooding, gloomy and ghostly synth-heavy journey into the shadows of self where the boundaries between dream and reality, between imagination and nightmare blur.

 An Official Video for “Mirror Tears”, the fifth song on Dusken Harmony’s newly released 10-track LP , “Shrouded In Mystery”, stirs the soul with symbolic imagery to bring forth inspirational feelings of catharsis and insight.

We discover new ways of understanding ourselves and the world around us, immersing ourselves in a whirlwind of mysterious sounds, like a path to self-discovery and harmony with the infinite within.

Dark grey immersive and vaporous mists braided by meandering and angsty icy bright layered synth melodies shiver somberly over steady marching beats and heart-racing rubbery bass lines, whilst haunted, ceremonial vocals, struggle to break through an all-encompassing fear.

Dramatic visuals hone in on the terror held in one’s eye when a handheld mirror reflects the sins of the past. Strobing lights and disfiguring shadows overlay a traumatized soul, whose intense shame causes him to hide behind his own hand rather than face the dark truth. Thankfully, a metaphysical transformation takes hold, shifting a sinister spider into a clear crystal. Then beautiful white petals rain down from an ethereal sky to shatter the maddening spell.

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