WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEPRESION RADIKAL “Distopico (Dystopia)”

Video Of The Day  Depresion Radikal  

Argentina’s 3-piece Depresion Radikal give us a slab of their distinctive, both dark as the night and sharp as a razor, synth-charged post-punk style in a toxic video for the Industrial-infected brand new track “Distopico”, off their forthcoming album due out later in 2021 via Tumbero Records.

Caustic, menacing guitar strings cut impending doom through glowing, zippy synth strains, airy rapid dance beats, and ravenous buzzing bass tones expanding dark horizons of ominous, dread-inducing male vocals and depth defying primal grunts into swirling adrenaline-fueled Industrial mayhem, while poetic lyrics usher nightmarish imagery to elicit a sentient fear.

Thought-provoking 100% DIY video winds retro-futuristic innuendo with vintage sci-fi clips and an evocative penetrating performance to construct a powerful statement against humanity’s apocalyptic dependence on fossil fuels, electronics, and ego-driven manias.

Embers and flames superimpose toxic heat over relentless smokestack emissions while human hands and insects merge inside surreal overlays to incite panic amid aerial views of traffic jams and hovering aircraft. Shadows cast doubt and suspicion over intimate camera shots, distorting stoic faces left stunned in silence, as a mad scientist’s God-like endeavour draws eerie parallels to current technological trends.

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