WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE SWEET KILL “Closer” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  THE SWEET KILL

The Sweet Kill is the one-man Post-Punk/Gothic/Dark Wave project of Canadian artist Pete Mills, based in Los Angeles, California, whose battle with addiction, but primarily the loss of a loved one to suicide, brought forth a desire to help others break free from the heavy bondage of inner demons.

The Sweet Kill drops an Official Video, “Closer” taken from the debut 10-track 2022 album “Darkness”, via Shadow Zone Records and Young & Cold Records.

“Closer” is a Gothic Romance about the toxic ties that bind people together and the fear of being alone that keeps them stuck in an impossible situation.

Warm, intense pain-fueled intentions build a dramatic backdrop of hard-hitting drum beats, chugging sonorous bass lines, and gleaming icy and glassy warped synth melodies behind powerful, emotional vocals, aching and longing in heartbroken frequencies amid a dire anatomy of traumatic bonds.

Apocalyptic visuals explore the depth-defying agony of psychological wounds through a hellish lens of demonic suffering. Red glows from underground caverns give rise to sweltering desert sunsets and evocative ritual poses to sync seamlessly with the sinister psychic vibes of the soundtrack.  The Sweet Kill himself delivers a compelling performance under the ominous gloom of secret shapeshifting shadows, to expose parallel timelines of destructive tendencies with symbolic doom-laden suggestions.

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