WL//WH Track Of The Day: LEDLAUX “The Saigon Pearl”

Track Of The Day Ledlaux 

Appeared somehow on Soundcloud last week under the Ledlaux moniker, the mysterious project based in Latvia, in the light of more in-depth researches, recently appears to be often featured on the Start FM 94.2‘s Radio Show from the brilliant London-based independent label Meta Moto, run by fellow DJ /producer Osvaldas Egzotikka, and from various crossings, is arguably the follow-up of the minimal analog synthpop act Echoscreen, who released a full-length album, titled “Black Lines”, in 2010.

Equally minimal, yet voiceless, pretty danceable, alluringly cinematic with a haunting edge, “The Saigon Pearl” is triggered by steady off-tempo beats along with an 80s-tinged  full-throated, chugging driving bassline that throbs unremittingly, whilst vast synth swells build up with neon light glowing intoxicating brightness, stabbed by menacing, abrasive, droning distortion, fluttering way out into the disconnected space.

An exceptionally simple yet extremely effective instrumental synth-driven debut.

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