WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEATH HAGS “Topologie Spectrale [Deep Drift]”

Video Of The Day  DEATH HAGS  

A curious video from the genre-bending electronic experimentalist Lola G. a.k.a. Death Hags, a Los Angeles-born, New York-based musician, songwriter, and producer, builds earthy metaphysical and futuristic realms inspired by two of the most evocative trailblazer artists of our time, Brian Eno and David Lynch.

In between installments of the epic seven-album series, “Big Grey Sun”, Death Hags has created an accompanied soundtrack for James Greer’s novel Bad Eminence.

The surreal, thought-provoking DIY clip, “Topologie Spectrale [Deep Drift]”, is taken from the 13-track Extended Version album “Lost in the Triangle d’Or”, released on risograph-printed limited edition tape by Iskra Cassettes.

In line with the style of the novel, the soundtrack is a meta-narrative featuring the main character Vanessa, a misanthropic French-American translator; her dead lover Thomas; her evil twin sister Angelica; a famous novelist who may or may not be Michel Houellebecq; and the novel she is trying to translate – Souvenirs du Triangle d’Or by Alain Robbe-Grillet. As Vanessa plunges into a literary world full of traps and mystic visions, she slowly gets lost in the plot of Souvenirs du Triangle d’Or

“Topologie Spectrale” awakens the senses with a vibrant and secretive buzzing concoction of a knocking and tapping, shuffled percussive carpet, trembling bass vibrations, reflective echoing piano keys and radiating glowing synth flourishes, cut through by disjointed, depth-defying spoken word layers of subconscious predictions, whilst unexpected flows of urgency and clarity release pent-up tension and fuel beat-driven swaying dancing energies into an expanding ambiance of immersive acumen.

Mysterious DIY visuals shot on location in Milan, Italy by Lola G. herself, transport the viewer to an alternate reality by blending vintage newsreel imagery with modern digital effects to sync seamlessly with the heady eclectic vibes of the soundtrack. Disassociative flows of motion, shapeshifting lights and shadows, and beautiful, elaborate architectures construct a maze of time-traveling portals, where lost ancestral reflections can be seen from an imaginative combination of filters and editing techniques to reveal enhanced extra-sensory perception.

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photo by @daniellepetrosa