WL//WH Video Of The Day: LESHI “Battlefield Hymn Before The Sky Burial” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day      LESHI

LESHILEŞHIლეში – is the new collaborative project, focused on Industrial / Ritual and Experimental Noise, by Georgian artist, vocalist, and musician Keren Batok, renowned for her Isotropia and PSI project sonic ventures, and Berlin-based, Ankara-bred experimental electronic producer and musician Tolga Baklacioglu, one of the most cutting-edge key figures,  symbolizing Turkish Techno.

The duo have dropped their third, yet first composition, “Battlefield Hymn Before The Sky Burial”, to officially inaugurate the bi-lingual Leshi moniker.

The union fuses Tolga’s boundless exploration into beat-driven and abstract synthetic textures and distorted and dissonant organic instrumentation with shape-shifting Keren’s evocative vocals, lyrics, and visuals, to result in a raw, emotional audio-visual experience that stirs the soul with stunning, visceral dread.

An intriguing ceremonial invocation unravels in an array of Georgian and English vocalizations, alternate tremoring, falling anxiety and mean venomous curses with witchy crackling cries, scary looping screams, and inter-dimensional echoes over a ritualistic sizzling bed of ominous droning frequencies, metallic gong echoes, and crackling tribal percussive trance, fading amid piercing icy plucks, warped piano stabs and dull menacing glows, to slowly extract primal fear from a subconscious well of archetypal doom.

Surreal, thought-provoking visuals, by Keren Betok herself, blend shapeshifting imagery with the intoxicating organicism of the seashore to sync seamlessly with the supernatural implications of the soundtrack. Dramatic contrasts, universal symbols, and foggy trace overlays slow time and expand perception around a blood sacrifice ritual to give a beautifully haunting yet angsty disturbing glimpse into the deep, sacramental offering for vengeance, power, and domination.

A genuinely disturbing and bewitching feast for our eyes, ears, and minds.

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