WL//WH Video Of The Day: CEREMONY EAST COAST “Pink Riot”


Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia‘s noise-rock/psych/shoegaze finest CEREMONY EAST COAST, comprised of former Skywave, John Fedowitz (guitar, bass, vox) with partner Sandra Fedowitz (drums), have just dropped the video for the noisy guitar-charged track “Pink Riot”, taken from the current, and already year favourite round here, brand new album “Candy”.

As we recently wrote, ‘a high-octane searing streak of powerful, ominous, hectic mind-melding shoegaze-jams peppered with searing fuzzy guitars, vibrating droning rhythms, and emotional vocals, dripping with raw energy and sheer noise, simultaneously melodic and dissonant, a must-hear for those drawn to the darkly heavier side of shoegaze.’

“Pink Riot” bursts with lively bass melodies that bounce and throb through quick, hard-hitting drum beats and far-away robotically reverbed vocals as loud, abrasive, and repetitive guitar riffs ebb and flow with urgent determination causing a sonic detonation of metallic static to culminate in extreme six-string searing distortion re-calibrated into blistering heavy-psych abrasion.

Lyrics are in the form of friendly advice with quips, “Why are you so insecure?” and “You always play it safe” making everything seem ambiguous. Insults or recommendations?  The answer lies in the heavily repeated title “Pink Riot” which comes out sounding like, BE QUIET. Pink Riot has numerous meanings ranging anywhere from a hot matte shade of lipstick to a Music Festival helping people in need.

A love for all things music, high energy endurance and a keen ability to focus appear to be perquisites for this highly entertaining DIY video, set against the spinning backdrop of a beautiful day in the parking lot, playing heavy scraping metallic noise with, “beautiful awesome rollerskating ladies!”. Fluctuations in speed and exaggerated or transformed size, caused by manipulating strategically placing camera angles to create an illusion, capture both slo-mo and time-lapse photography elements as seen in the slow glide of skaters and the quick movements of the musicians.

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